Photo template ideas

Photo template ideas

One aspect of planning for a photobooth is the photo template which can be a challenging task if you are out of ideas. Today we will be sharing with you some designs that we have developed with our clients to help spark your imagination.

Design 1

Chris and Belle had adopted a white and gold colour scheme for their photo template to complement the set-up of their wedding. The photo template too had a white and gold border, however, Chris and Belle wanted to trial having a photo template with a different colour scheme. After a few edits to the design and colour scheme, the couple chose the white and gold colour scheme with flowers as seen below.


Initial template

Final template chosen by the couple

Design 2

Another couple, Yinggit and Mavis, had chosen a floral theme for their wedding and as such opted for a floral design for their photo template. We worked with them to make a few minor changes before achieving a perfect photo template. As seen below, minute details can make a huge difference to a photo template.


The couple mentioned that they would like the font to be changed to one that had a more elegant touch. Additionally, they proposed an interesting idea of having the ends extended to form a bracket. As seen below, the small changes proposed gave the photo template an elegant and fresh finish.

Contact us today to have your ideas come to life. No suggestion or detail is too small to be ignored! Let us help you create your perfect photobooth and photo template for your wedding.

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