Props and Backdrops

Renting photo booth by itself is no doubt a good idea to bring an element of fun to all events, but when you throw in a myriad of funky props to complement the idea, it elevates the experience to a whole different level.

We have a huge variety of props ranging from hats, wigs, sunglasses, masks, signboards etc! Choose the ones that speak to you and proceed to utilise them to make your photographs stand out from the rest! However, do ensure that your props are visible from the waist up so that your creativity can be effectively captured in the pictures!

We also provide a range of backdrops to complement your event theme. If you wish to have your own customized props or backdrops, do let us know in advance and we would be glad to get them done for you. In addition, we have many printout templates for you to choose from, ranging from customized ones for corporate branding to plastic hard covers. Let us know which ones are to your desire and we will have them designed specially for you!