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Why Photography is Worth the Look

Why Photography is Worth the Look

Photography has been a part of the lives of billions of people all over the world, even before they were born. Owning a camera in this digital era is not uncommon anymore. Before it was those privileged few who can buy a camera, today anyone who has a smart phone can just point and shoot everyday events. Why are we fond of this act? Why do we photograph?

It’s a way of living for some, a way to earn money to get by every day. For others, it’s as necessary as breathing. It is something much deeper than capturing what every other people can see. But one thing is for sure — it captures things from a different perspective. It helps people see things differently. It brings people to different places they would not have dreamt in a hundred years. You may know your camera inside out, but you may never know the world as much as every camera does.

Photography can help you meet people. Most of the time you meet people with the same work, hobby or interest, at times you meet people you wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for your inkling to photography. There is no limitation regarding the aspect of networking when it comes to photography. You keep talking with different people, connecting with them, exchanging and even sharing the same photography experience with them.

Others might say photography is their way of making old things new. It makes revisiting what was once beautiful a possibility. It makes something simple become extraordinary.

When you dig deep for the answer you will find that it is limitless. The reason for photography varies depending on the people you ask. It is also the same reason why there is convocation photography, family photography or portrait photography. These reasons maybe their motivation and inspiration to keep shooting. This is why photography is way more than just pressing a button, uploading and sharing on the internet or burning a roll of film. It can change anybody’s life as long as you can answer why you do it. The answer keeps broadening in different ways. How about you, why do you do photography?