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Strike a pose. Hashtag your photos. Print it out.

Currently, Instagram is the most popular social media app used by Singaporeans to share photos. Here at Selfiebox, we provide you an opportunity to connect with your event guests by sharing memories with the utilisation of Instagram hashtags!

What does our

Service Include

Customized Printout Templates

Customized printout templates are available so that customers can come out with unique template printouts that are exclusive to the event!

Unlimited Prints

Printing will be done according to the number of people in the photo to ensure everyone gets a copy!

High speed printing

Our HD printers will only take approximately 9 seconds to churn out each printout, without compromising on the quality of photographs.

Soft Copy Link

Photos are meant to be kept as memories. Images will be uploaded and a link will be sent after the event for our client to download at their convenience

Step 1 take Picture
Picture Logo
Instagram Logo
Step 2 upload Instagram
STEP 3 Logo printing

Standard Package

Fully automated system + Live feed Unlimited shots
Service crew for on-site support
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