Planning a Beach Wedding

Planning a Beach Wedding

There are plenty of places that one can hold a wedding, but in the summer most people prefer to have their weddings at the beach. A beach wedding is much more comfortable to plan, and the costs are less as opposed to a garden or an indoor venue. Also, you are not restricted to having fun since there is plenty of space available for your guests to enjoy and have fun.

Find a venue

The first step that the couple should take is to find a proper venue where they would want to hold their wedding. After finding a right place that you both agree on, you should also pay a deposit to secure the place. If possible, do check if you are able to reserve a section of beach to keep your wedding private. The charges for a beach venue are quite low since one is only required to pay for the permit that allows them to hold the wedding around that areas.

Find an officiator.

A wedding will require an officiator, and therefore it is advisable that you find him or her at an early date.

Prepare for the setup.

Given the lack of space to set up elaborate decorations, beach weddings are relatively simple. Also, the beach offers an excellent view of the water that everyone would want to view thus minimizing the need for other decorations. The primary area that requires setting up is the officiating area, the photo booth and also the sitting areas. Make sure to select beautiful charivari chairs and arrange around the ceremony area to allow guests to have an unobstructed of the officiating ceremony. You can find a canopy and set it where the wedding will be officiated and where the couple and their best man and lady will be sitting. Decorate the canopy with some flowers.

Tips for decorating.

Get two customized flower stands and set them on the walkway where people will be passing through.

Photo booth

You need to be as creative as possible when setting up an area for the photo session since the beach is not as flexible as other areas like the garden. But you can still have fun at your photo shoots by incorporating elements that fit a beach setting. Place some beach props that the people can wear or hold when the pictures are being taken. Some of the accessories to use include sunglasses or tropical drinks. Use a transparent backdrop to allow a good view of the beaches and maybe add some crystal strings for excellent illumination in case people want to take more pictures in the evening.

Set up the food area.

You cannot use the standard tables at the beach since they can easily sink into the sand. So, if you will need to use serving tables, make sure to utilize trunks or tables that have round bottom legs to ensure stability on the sand.

The cake

The cake planning is another excellent area where you can incorporate a beach theme feature. Some of the best ideas that you can add on the cake include a blue sea colour on the outer part of the cake or use two edible seat designs and edible sand topping on the cake.



Before you even start with all the above preparations, you need first of all to come up with a budget since the budget will guide you in your plans. Work with a wedding planner so they can guide you when you get stuck and to ensure that everything is in order on the big day.