Event Feature: CK and Denise’s Wedding

Event Feature: CK and Denise’s Wedding

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and everything has to be perfect for the big day. This includes the venue and the photo booth. Today, let’s look at the wedding of CK and Denise and how they designed the perfect wedding photo booth for their happily ever after.


The theme for their wedding was garden of love. The stage backdrop was silver with a purple backlight. The stage and tables were decorated with subtle flowers, keeping with the silver theme overall.

Photo template

Because the stage backdrop was silver, it was easy to decide on a silver backdrop for the photo booth. However, the decision for the photo template though was slightly harder.

Our initial design for the photo template was to have flowers and leaves to keep it in tune with the garden theme.

However, they found that the template was too common and overused. They wanted to create a watermark type of photo template. Therefore, we used the purple backlight as inspiration, added in a small thumbnail of the couple and came up with this template instead. They were very satisfied with this template.

Picture size

The next issue was the size of the photo. Most wedding couples prefer a 4R photo size. However, CK and Denise wanted their pictures to be pocket-sized and easy to carry. Therefore, they chose a polaroid sized (4″ x 3″) picture instead.

At the end of the day, CK and Denise were very happy with the photo booth. The wedding ceremony was amazing and wish them a happy marriage and all the best in their future endeavours.

If you are looking to create the perfect photo booth for your wedding, contact us today and we can discuss how to create the best photo booth that will not break your budget!