Event Feature: George and Alicia’s Wedding

Event Feature: George & Alicia’s Wedding

A wedding is a special occasion for both you and your guests. Having a photo to bring home serves as a form of remembrance of the special day. That’s why George and Alicia invited us to set up a photo booth at their wedding.


Guests and family members thoroughly enjoyed getting their photos snapped with their loved ones. Many had fun playing around with the variety of props that we provided alongside the booth.


The backdrop was a combination of our backdrop of gold streams and the flower arrangements by the couple. This created a beautiful backdrop for guests to take the photo and suited the entire theme of the wedding perfectly.

We enjoy collaborating with our clients and incorporating their ideas into the backdrop to better suit their theme and create a beautiful backdrop.




Photo template

The photo template was designed to go hand in hand with the flowers in the backdrop. The simple but elegant design allowed the photo to stand out and shine. The white template complemented the gold background to great a perfect picture for guests to take home.

Contact us to have your very own photo booth at your wedding today! Just like at George and Alicia’s wedding, we can work hand in hand to customize a photo booth of your choice.

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