5 wedding photo booth ideas

5 wedding photo booth ideas

When it comes to choosing themes to implement in your wedding to make it fun and memorable there two significant factors you ought to consider. Firstly, what symbolizes you as a couple; you should think back when you met, your hobbies, journey you made together and put those details in your wedding. Secondly, you should consider your guests’ comfort, entertainment and offer them a wonderful dining experience. Below are some of the themes you should consider to your wedding the most wonderful one ever.


Use of flowers as your beautiful backdrop

This involves allocating a room for a photo booth space and take some time making floral festoons. The flowers should be fresh to bring a sweet scent in the room. A flower holder is also needed to put flowers of different colours to come up with something beautiful. Moreover, you can put a cute couch and some other attractive props to make the background look nicer.


Use of gold foil for a flashy photo booth

This theme involves setting aside a well-set room and then choosing one of the beautiful walls in the room to create a simple and attractive backdrop. You can also purchase foil curtains in any colour that you are interested in like gold. Then, make props of your own taste and that will make the guests have fun and enjoy your wedding.


Use of fun props like a mini chalkboard

Props are the most important thing in making a cool and a beautiful backdrop. In cases where you are not interested in using walls, just use some fun props that will make all your guests not to forget about your wedding. A mini chalkboard is one of the best and fun prop that guests can use because they can write what they feel like. This prop is different and definitely fun.


Use of a couch, a cute quote, and some garland

This theme entails dragging a couch in a cool room and then choose a pretty wall where you will put the couch and then add some fun props. A beautiful prop is placed on the wall to juice up the wall a bit. You should also write a beautiful quote for best wedding ever to make the backdrop look better. Your guests will love it as they take photos at their own pleasure.


Use of a giant oversized frame

The oversized frame is usually simple, cool and really beautiful.it is suitable especially if you do not have a room allocated for the photo booth because it is easily portable but at the same time it functions with the backdrop too. Also, the giant oversized frame brings a pretty backdrop to wedding ceremonies that your guests will completely enjoy and forever remember your wedding.



Photo booths create much fun and make the guests not to be bored during weddings. Different photo booth concepts usually have two to three different backdrops around the reception area thus giving freedom to the guests for snapping. Photo booths have become major at weddings and events and are now being hired for holiday parties, birthday parties, and more other parties.


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