3 great wedding themes

3 great wedding themes

So, the time has come for you to start on that beautiful journey called ‘happily married ever after’. While planning your perfect D day can be a daunting feeling, you can set things right by doing the first thing first. And that is choosing the right wedding theme for your day. Once you know what wedding theme you’d like to have, you can start planning for other things such as your dresses, the venue, table settings and everything else to go with your wedding theme.

When it comes to selecting a wedding theme, you can be as specific or as vague as you want – remember no one is judging and nothing is right or wrong. Your wedding day is your ‘special’ day and you want it to represent you in its entirety. Although if you’re still looking for some great ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 3 inspiring wedding themes and their preparation ideas for you to start with.

Wedding traditional style

Let’s admit – dreaming about your wedding always involves a big white dress, red roses and candlelight dinners. If you have had same dreams about your big day, your style if traditional and elegant. Going for a traditional-style wedding, you can get a luxurious and polished setup for yourself and your guests. Some preparation tips are as follows:

– For your wedding colours, go traditional and classic by selecting white and black. You can also go with soft pastel colours or the ones that are seasonal.

– For your wedding gown, select a full-length wedding gown in pearl white colour and a long veil. When your wedding speaks traditional, you can also add layers of silk, lace or tulle to your gown.

– For the groom, keep it simple with tuxedos or full suits with bow ties.

– The key décor thing in a traditional wedding is flowers. For each table, you can have a bouquet of white roses, large hydrangeas or carnations wrapped in satin.

– If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you can select a white tent for that classic yet grand look.

Beach-style wedding

If you want to exchange vows on the sand, an oceanfront affair is what you’re after. Going for a beach-style wedding can be great fun, both for the bride and the groom and the guests alike. Whether you choose an exotic destination or go for the nearby beach for your beach-styled wedding, here are some tips that’ll help you prepare better.

– Go for a daytime ceremony as when the sun sets the water turns black and the entire seaside charm is lost.

– Choose a good sound system to have at your wedding, as the loud winds and waves can sometimes throw a spanner in the works.

– Not every wedding dress is beach friendly. Choose something that’s airy and light. When it comes to wedding gowns, choose one that is made of a lighter fabric to allow for maximum movement in the sand. And keep your veil-less fussy and simple with a few layers (or just one layer of lace).

– For a beach wedding, remaining barefoot adds more charm to the entire setup and make it more lively and exotic. If you still can’t give away on those gorgeous heels, plan for a wooden walkway to help you get down the aisle.

Glamorous, Contemporary-style wedding

Get the latest fashion, music and style at your wedding when you plan a modern-style wedding. Here are some tips to help you.

– Go for bright bold colours for the wedding décor. Colours such as red, purple or even the all-time favourite black can add that extra glamour to the table setting at your wedding. Blue and purple weddings are really in nowadays.

– Drop the classic white for your wedding gown and go for some modern colours that look different, contemporary and stylish. Check the colours that are in at that time and select one.

– Let your bridesmaids select a contrast colour to their dress from what you wear.

– Get a modern and a trendy take on your invitations and surprise your guests who are used to receiving the classic wedding invitations.

This list of the top 3 wedding themes can let you add that extra special flair to your wedding that will be remembered for years to come – not just through pictures but through the unique experience that you and your guests get at the wedding. Of course no wedding complete without a wedding photo booth. Contact us today to book your wedding photo booth today and we can plan it according to your theme!

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