How to plan a farewell party

How to plan a farewell party

When someone who has stayed in your business through the good and challenging times at some point decides to move on to another job, or their time for retirement comes, it may be hard for the company has a whole to face the current situation. Even though you might wish to lock yourself up in the office and cry. One of the best things you can do is showing love, acknowledge the things that the person did and what he meant for the business. Planning a farewell party would be the best thing to do as a sign of love and appreciation to them. Below are some steps to follow when planning for the farewell.

Come up with a theme

Themes are the best parts of the next step of the person’s journey in life and memorialize your time together as a team and as a family. Maybe the celebration highlights the best things that the manager loves. You may also highlight all the good work the person did at the office. Let the theme fit into the decorations, food and invitations.

Choose a place to hold the party that best fits the theme

Look at some of the appropriate places best for the party; a restaurant, at the office, even at home. It should be a place where the guests will be comfortable with and will enjoy. If the co-worker is changing jobs or retiring, the office or the person’s favourite restaurant is appropriate. Also, consider what the guest of honour would prefer.

Make a guest list and send invites

Plan a farewell party

After preparing a budget for the party, come up with a guest list as a team; invite the immediate senior members and the team members. Invite close friends and family too. Think of the budget when sending out invitations. Know whether your guest of honour prefers a large party. You may also choose to do a special personalized invitation. Decorate the invitations according to the theme. Ask them to RSVP by two or three weeks prior to the celebration to help plan for the meals.

Organize all the party details

Give each person in the group a thing or two to take care of. Assigning certain roles will ensure that everyone is occupied during the big day. Make decorations, organize the meals such as small snacks, desserts, and sandwiches. Such foods allow people to at least move around and socialize. On the other hand, a well set sit-down dinner may be more preferable to your guest of honour. Do plan for the speeches too, and find farewell presents.

Take photos

Always take lots of photos to make it more memorable, you can create large collages and mail it to every person. Hiring photobooth services will see to it that you get high-quality pictures at affordable rates. Photobooth services also have decorations and backgrounds that will suit your event thereby making it the best ever. Keep your memories by hiring the touch of professionals.

Give your colleague the best send-off to remember all good times you had together and let them leave with joyful memories and a final farewell that shows all the love, appreciation and respect for the teammate. Contact us today!