Spicing up your business roadshows

Spicing up your business roadshows

Are you searching for different ways on how to spice up your business roadshow? When it comes to promoting your brand, you need to ensure you make it exciting to potential customers. One of the best ways is to ensure you are excited about it. For example, it may be required for your daily routine or useful, but if you can’t market it well on your road show, potential customers may move on to the next product or service. It means that for you to attract customers to your road show, you need to be creative. Fortunately, this informative article gives you 5 excellent ways to make your roadshow stand out from the rest.

Lucky Draws

One way to make your roadshow be a success is to offer visitors lucky draws. The exciting sounds, lights and moving parts of casino games are among the best ways to draw potential customers to your exhibit. A casino atmosphere will make customers feel inclined to find out what you’re offering. Among the prices, you can offer to include the grand prize, which can be one of your products, your company’s giveaways or any other exciting price. Remember by challenging people to win your product, you will create more value.

Attract crowds with creative displays

It’s important that you display the products you’re promoting well. Among the best ways is to use strolling tables or living tables. They involve performers who wear costumes that result in a flat surface surrounding their body form. Using this method, you can display your company’s giveaways, promotional materials or other gifts which your company can offer. It ensures that visitors remember your company and associate you with imagination and innovation.

Photo Booth 

By choosing to take a customer’s photo during your roadshow, you can leave them with a souvenir that they will remember and also help in initiating a fun conversation. One of the best ways is to use a photo booth, which is an ideal option if you want to create a contemporary approach. That way, you will help create an interaction and a buzz in addition to providing props.

This modern form of photo entertainment enables to add exciting graphics that can be shared on social media platforms. Using green eye technology, you can add your company’s logo into each photo. It ensures your roadshow is a fun experience that gives visitors a chance to promote your brand.

Consider Using Themes

You need to be creative if you want to use themes. For instance, if your products are tailored to meet customer’s needs, you can come up with a magic theme that plays off the idea that if one uses your product, their problem will disappear. You should incorporate this theme into unique or ornate attire for your firm’s exhibitors. You can also choose to provide giveaways that are associated with your theme or hire entertainers who will draw crowds and keep them entertained.

Use Impersonators

Another way to make your road show exciting is to use impersonators. They can impersonate a well-known celebrity and offer their autographs as a fun way of endorsing your company. You should make sure you create fun experiences by allowing visitors to take photos with these celebrities at your electronic photo booth. That will enable you to brand the resulting photo with your company logo. Visitors will be excited about these experience and share these moments with friends and relatives on social media platforms, which will make your brand visible.


For your road show to be successful, you should ensure you make your products or services clear. Among the best options, include having a photo booth, giving away some items free, having articulate team members and displaying visuals.

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