3 great baby shower themes for new mothers

3 Great Baby Shower Themes for New Mothers

An expectant woman usually anticipates seeing her beloved baby. This is always one of the best days of their entire life. However, before they can conceive, the moms to be loves to be showered with love and many baby gifts at their baby showers. There are many beautiful baby shower themes that can suit all the expectant mom’s interests. Inspirations can be derived from different factors such as from storybooks, baby animals, and many more. Nonetheless, this is always depending on the mother’s preference. Let’s look at some of the latest and most popular baby shower themes.

Sprinkle Showers

Sprinkle showers are among the most cherished baby shower theme with most mothers. It is currently a huge trend and is usually very interesting. Sprinkle showers involve many activities where there is rainbow confetti. The confetti is then set to pop out in the shower over the expectant mother. Besides, sprinkle showers can also be done using the sprinkle-filled votives and photo booths. The photo booths are usually appealing if decorated with colourful balloons, specifically the long skinny ones. They represent a beautiful backdrop for a memorable baby shower. When it comes to food, sweet mocktails can be great for a beverage. They are better if with a sprinkle coating to go along with the sprinkled covered cake to end the day.

Apple of My Eye

This is a very great idea, especially for a gender-neutral baby shower. It is a unique theme and with a welcoming feeling to the party attendees. Friends and families can find this theme interesting as they surprise you with the endless gifts of a baby shower. The apple of my eye theme promotes a great display where it adds in beautiful, dazzling and natural green feeling. This is one reason why it is always appreciated besides for the fact that, it is a great way to highlight the centrepiece for dessert too.

Yellow Vintage Baby Shower

This type of baby shower is more of a baby boy theme. It involves adorable decorations and many more attractive details. These include many different types of desserts including candies, cakes and a lot more. The yellow vintage baby shower is very jolly due to the types of colours included. It provides jovialness where it has bright colours and cheerful details. From the beautiful duck pintables, old children books and the vintage glassware, it is indeed very cute to keep an expectant mother happy all along throughout the baby shower party.

On top of having a great theme, be sure to capture the memories. One way to do so is by having a photo booth at your shower for you and your guests to take photos and have fun!

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