How to plan a teen birthday party

How to plan a teen birthday party

One of the most fun things to do in the world is event organizing. However, it is the ugliest business in showbiz, according to multiple icons of the entertainment world who lived and still live in different times and in different parts of the world. The dynamics of organizing birthday parties, however, are not as versatile as other dynamics that relate to other kinds of events. For a person or a business with generous amounts of time to spend, planning a birthday party, especially for a teen, can get simply dumbfounding due to the surrealness of the experience. Teens allow absolutely no room for error in the execution of their birthday parties but they can cause planners to make a myriad of mistakes. Therefore, there are a few tips on offer below that could be of great help when start planning one.


Every single teenage year presents lots of adventurers and challenges for teens. Depending on where they come from, what activities they like to indulge in and their peer pressures, teens will always have a secret theme they would like for their birthday. Themes define the location of a party, the kind of crowd attending, dress codes and how invitation cards are designed. You should never go wrong with themes because they practically define activities. Always get professional opinions on such matters.


Themes lock out certain venues and locations. They, however, do not determine a budget; they can only imply certain costs. A budget, however, determines a few things key among them location and provisions. Of course, there must be food and beverages for a party to be considered hospitable. However, if the budget is low, one can play with the minds of guests by hosting the party at peculiar feeding hours where the focus is placed on other key aspects such as social drinking as opposed to social feeding. A budget should always cover priority costs before any other costs and decorations often get placed on the wrong side of priorities. Again, it is very crucial for planners to consult experts on the matter.


Venues define attendance; a wrongfully picked venue could spell disaster and event failure. Venues have to the most hospitable choices we make for our events, especially for intimate events like birthday parties. The venue should have just enough capacity to hold invited guest. Too much space could make the vent feel icy and make people feel detached. Such a venue could also accommodate and thus, attract uninvited party crashers. The venue should also be secure so that everyone attending the birthday party can feel welcome, comfortable and secure. Key aspects of a venue that make events successful include:


  • Easy accessibility


  • Ample lounging amenities


  • Security


  • Affordability


  • Reasonable rules and regulations


Food and Drinks

I covered this topic slightly in the budget section. However, more details are required when choosing the food and drinks to offer your invited guests. First, you must make sure that you take notice of the people who have particular allergies to avoid serving allergic reactions to them in whatever delicacies you may have prepared. Doing that only gets you out of so much liability. Professional event planners have a wealth of information on how to prepare and serve the best dishes at the most reasonable prices. Consult them for proper planning.


This is where we like to come in although we do almost all services that regard planning. The life of the party is fun, and people should have the most of it. More than just have fun, they should also make memories and store them. Capture that great dance move, record that fun party chant and just go with the rhythm of the beats which will be playing. Own the dance floor, and get everyone to follow you to the photo booth. We can make sure that you get your photos and videos printed via Instagram publishing. Just make sure that you have one of our photo booths ready and available when you plan to host a birthday party. We promise to capture the most surreal of moments then.

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