Roving Photography


Photography is indispensable for every well-run event as it captures different moments that occur throughout the event. Let our professional photographers capture the wonderful memories of your event. To top it off, get a printed copy for each of these awesome shots!
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Roving Photography

At Selfiebox, we strive to create an unforgettable experience for everyone! What’s a better way to engage your guests, friends and family to take crazy photos to bring home as part of the memory?

Table Shots

Whether its company dinner and dance, wedding banquets or company functions, let your guests feel special by adding the extra touch of bring back a copy of their table shots.
table shots photography

Roving Photography with Prints

The perfect way to capture candid moments at events and create lasting memories for guests. Our skilled photographers will roam around your event, capturing the essence of the occasion and producing high-quality prints on-site, which guests can take home as souvenirs. With this service, you can add a unique touch to your event and give your guests a fun and memorable experience.

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