Corporate Event Selfie Box Rental Services in Singapore

Corporate Events Photo Booth Rental Services

Are you planning a corporate event and looking for a way to make it memorable? Look no further than our Selfiebox rental services in Singapore! Our unique and customizable printed photos are the perfect addition to any corporate event, ensuring fun and engagement for all attendees. Here’s what you should showcase and highlight when you choose our services.


Unique Features of Our Selfiebox


Selfiebox photobooth are not just ordinary; they are packed with features that make them stand out:


      • Customizable Backdrops: Choose from a variety of themed backdrops or customize one to match your corporate branding. Whether it’s a sleek corporate design or a fun, colorful theme, we’ve got you covered.

      • Interactive Touch Screen: Our photobooth come with an interactive touch screen that allows users to take photos, add fun filters, and even share their snaps instantly on social media. This feature ensures that your event has a wider reach beyond the venue.

      • High-Quality Prints: We provide instant, high-quality photo prints that attendees can take home as souvenirs. These prints can be branded with your company’s logo, making them a great marketing tool.

      • GIF and Video Capabilities: Not just photos! Our photo booth also allow users to create fun GIFs and videos, adding another layer of excitement to your event.


    Corporate Event Success Stories


    We have had the pleasure of providing our photo booth services to numerous corporate events across Singapore, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few success stories:


        • Tech Innovators Conference: At this high-profile event, our photo booth was a hit among tech enthusiasts and industry leaders. The customizable backdrop featuring the conference’s logo provided a professional yet fun setting for networking.

        • Annual Company Gala: One of Singapore’s leading financial firms chose our photo booth for their annual gala. The interactive touch screen and instant social media sharing feature created a buzz, with attendees posting their photos and tagging the company, leading to increased online visibility.

        • Product Launch Event: A major fashion brand used our photo booth at their product launch. The ability to create GIFs and videos added a dynamic element, making the event more engaging and memorable for the guests.

      Corporate Events Photo Booth Rental Services


      Client Testimonials


      Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say:


          • “The photo booth was the highlight of our company’s anniversary celebration. Our employees loved it, and it was great for team bonding!” – Sarah, HR Manager

          • “We used Selfiebox’s photo booth services for our product launch, and it was fantastic. The quality of the prints was excellent, and the customizable backdrop really helped with our branding.” – James, Marketing Director

          • “I can’t recommend their photo booth rental enough. It added so much fun to our corporate event, and the instant sharing feature was a huge plus!” – Emily, Event Coordinator


        Ready to make your corporate event unforgettable? 


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