Event feature: Kendrick’s 21st birthday party

Event feature: Kendrick’s 21st birthday party

Recently, we were asked to provide a photobooth for Kendrick’s 21st birthday party. The party was a Hawaiian themed party and one of our favorite photo strips came out from this event.

Before we get into that though, let’s look at some of the technical stuff of the photobooth.

Initially, Kendrick wanted to have a customized backdrop with the grass printed on. He had gotten this inspiration for another photo that he had seen before. However, after consulting with us, we realized that what he was looking for was instead a premium backdrop that looks like this

Once the backdrop was selected, we had to decide on what the photo template was going to look like. Kendrick’s birthday party theme was Hawaiian. Therefore, he wanted to have palm trees and pineapples in his template.

The left side was an Initial draft of the template. However, after deciding that it was too dark, we changed it to a white background and we changed the pineapple to a monkey instead.

Kendrick’s guests made for some great photobooth models. They were creative with the pictures and used props to make funny pictures. This is one of our most favorite pictures that we have seen in a while and we just had to share it.

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A photo booth is only as great as the people in the picture. Let loose and let your creativity flow and you can also end up with masterpieces like this. Contact us today to book your birthday photo booth today!

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