How to plan a birthday party

How to plan a birthday party

A birthday party is an occasion we all look forward to and cannot avoid at the same time. Just like any other event, you need to plan your birthday party. You need to organize your tasks in a manner that will allow you to accomplish everything. For this, you need a comprehensive checklist to ensure you do not overlook anything.

Birthday parties depend mostly on your personal taste and the design of the party reflects your personal touch. Here is a checklist you can use to enable you to organize the best birthday party:

Guest list

You need to put together a guest list for your birthday party so that you know the number of people you are dealing with. A guest list will help you design everything else that you need to make your party exceptional.


Once you have a guest list, you can come up with budget estimations for your birthday party. A budget is very important since it confines you to operate with the money that you can afford instead of overspending. A budget will also help you focus on necessities rather than luxuries.

Party planner

If you want things to be done right, it is best you bring a professional party planner on board so that you get value for your money and ensure your guests have the best time of their lives. A party planner will handle things and keep your mind at ease and focused on choosing designs.

Party theme

Once you have a party planner, it is time to choose the theme for your birthday party. Your theme will enable you to know the decorations you need to get, the location for the party, the food, and the dress code. Your theme is the outlook of the entire party.


If your theme is a beach party, you will have to find a location by the beach, so, depending on your theme, you will choose a location. The location you choose should also be convenient for your guests and if not, you should offer the means of transportation.


Entertainment is the heart of any party and birthday parties are no different. You need to find a deejay that will manage your party’s entertainment and rent equipment necessary for it. With a kid’s birthday party, you can include horse rides, activities, games, and many other fun things.

Photo booth

You and your guests need photos for memory purposes and also to share with the world on social media hence a photo booth is very crucial in your birthday party. Guests can take single or multiple photos with their friends that will last a lifetime.


Send out party invitations to your guests in order for them to get details of your birthday party which include the date, location, theme, dress code and the arrival and departure time. This will enable them to save the date and show up for your birthday party.

Decorations and party supplies

Now that you know your theme, you need to pick out decorations like flowers, balloons, hanging decorations, napkin rings, centerpieces and so much more. You need supplies like rental tents, chairs, tables, linens, candles, food, liquor, a bar, and a catering service and valet if necessary.


What is a birthday party without cake? A cake completes a birthday party. You should go shopping for your cake and pick the design and flavor that you want. This will brighten your party and give your guests a lovely experience.

Check for RSVPs

When all is said and done, you should check your mail for RSVPs to establish the number of guests that have confirmed their attendance to your party. You can then call those who have not and find out why they have not.

Enjoy your birthday party with this checklist. When you organize yourself well you will have a birthday party that will not only be great for you, but your guests will keep talking about it for a while.