How to Design Wedding Photo Booth Props

How to Design Wedding Photo Booth Props

Weddings are one of the things that come once in a lifetime. Because this is a memorable event, taking photos is one of the ways that you can keep your memories. People go to extreme levels just to make sure that their weddings are memorable. For those taking pictures, they have to be of high quality. Wedding photo booths also make the weddings more memorable. By decorating the photo booths using props, you are sure to have lasting memories of your big day. Also, the props make the booths look creative and give your guests ideas on the types of poses that they can assume. In that case, the last thing that you want is your photo booth to look boring. Here, we provide you with some tips on how you can make your props captivating.

Print your props

Today, there are many websites that you can download printable PDFs. Simply visit one of those sites then download the ones that appeal to you most. Print the props then attach them in your photo booth. You will be amazed by how your guests will like the props and more so the photo session in general.

Attach the props well to the cardstock

Having good props is one thing and attaching them to the cardstock is another. For better results, use quality spray adhesives. Spray them at the back of your props and carefully attach them to the cardstocks. This is a form of art so the more you become creative the better your booth is bound to look.

Be careful while cutting out your props

Most people fail when it comes to cutting out the props before embellishing them. We advise that you use a high-quality knife to undertake the process. Also, make sure that there is a cutting board underneath to protect your surface from damage.

Be creative

While assembling and embellishing your props, use duct tape or glue to attach the handles at the back of each of the prop. While this appears easy on paper, maximum creativity is required at this stage or your props will look bad. You can add some sparkle to your props by decorating them with feathers or rhinestones amongst others.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event so there is a need for you to get the memories part right. Go out of the ordinary and decorate your props in a way that not only will it keep great memories for you but also entertain your guests. However, we understand that planning a wedding is one of the hardest things to do. This is why Selfiebox has customisable props that you can use to get the most out of your wedding photo booth. Contact us today to book your wedding photo booths with customisable props!

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