5 things to consider when choosing a photobooth company for your wedding

5 things to consider when choosing a photobooth company for your wedding

When it comes to life-changing events such as weddings, we try to capture every moment in its true spirit as a way of preserving coveted memories. A photobooth is one of the oldest forms of creating scenic photo-capturing environments and has an ability to bring peoples raw emotions before the camera. It is another twist to the normal way of having pictures and short fun videos captured that brings a little more fun and excitement to your family friends at the wedding. Choosing a photobooth company for your wedding can be a little confusing, but below are 5 crucial tips to help pick the right company for the job.


You should start with the basics. Many service-oriented companies are present with an online profile page or website. You can start by checking about the company at a glance. From there, you can have a picture of their services after which you can then follow up via a phone call and a make an appointment with them. A meeting in their premises gives you an opportunity to have a first-hand experience at their quality and service offers, which will help you, make an informed decision.


The cost of the services in another factor you should consider. Expensive does not always guarantee quality. It is, therefore, important for you to have a good evaluation of the services offered and the charges to ensure you get the services worth. Make a comparison between several companies before making a decision. The total cost normally includes company’s’ pricing per hour per shoot among other itinerary services. Ensure you also get to read their terms or conditions about the payment schedule and policy. Do not sign the contract without reading the fine print, always.

Specifications and customisations

There are several photobooth brands available in the market. They vary in their specifications and therefore are suited for different purposes. For your wedding, you should get a company that offers the larger photobooths that can accommodate a number of people. They should also be easy to customize to suit a customer needs which always improve the photo experience. You can also decide on whether to get an open or a closed photobooth depending on the events environs. They should also come with different backdrops, proper lighting and even props during the photo shoot. The ability to customize gives a variety of photos, which is always better.

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Photo quality

The quality of the printed photos camera is also essential. You should look for a camera that has a wide angle for close up images, high quality and resolution. The pictures should be printed on a quality paper that can be stored for long without any deterioration or discolouration. After all, they are for making future memories. You can always get to check this by taking a few pictures with their equipment prior to committing yourself to the hiring contract.


A company should be ready to commit themselves on an actual day. They should guarantee you their services once you have paid the deposit or according to the contract signed. If a company is fully booked, they should act in utmost good faith and tell you upfront to avoid the nasty surprise on the D-day.

For a bonus tip, some photobooth companies give out personalized albums and digital copies of pictures or videos recorded. You get a backup of your pictures in case you lose the printed-out copies. Next time you have an event, make sure you go through such a checklist to ensure you get the best. Book your wedding photobooth with us today! Contact us to check our availability.

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