Capturing People’s Most Special Moments: Looking at Wedding and Couple Photography

Capturing People’s Most Special Moments: Looking at Wedding and Couple Photography

Events photography is a growing business in the point and shoot industry and the most popular type of event in need of a professional photographer is a wedding. Many amateur photographers, who are jump starting their careers are venturing into the world of wedding or couple photography but it’s more than just the complete equipment to start things off. The skills and techniques are a given but what other things should you need to consider in order to produce those touching wedding photos?

First task as a wedding photographer is creating a shortlist. You will have to collaborate with the bride and groom or wedding planner of what they want for you to capture. Get the couple to think ahead and create a list of those things and tick them off one by one as you go. Also, set expectations with the couple. Show them your style of photography and how they will be printed. Agreeing on your fee can also help them decide.

Next is scouting the location and coming up with a theme. It helps that you visit the location before the big day and picture in your head where the best spots for capturing the couple — and also their family’s pictures are. You should also have an eye for small details. The bride’s dress, the groom’s accessories, ring, flowers and everything that comes in a wedding must be captured. Keep an open eye for possible candid shot opportunity.

Especially when the couple is not aware that they’re being photographed while looking deeply into each other’s eyes, those are the best kind of photos for keeps. If you only have one camera, you might want to think about getting or even borrowing another one so you could set up a different lens for each. You probably need different angles or perspective for every shot you make. And lastly, do not discard your mistakes on the spot. You might be tempted to delete the pictures in your camera which you think couldn’t work but then again you might be able to use them.

Remember that it’s easy to manipulate pictures with different programs. A little adjusting or cropping might do the trick and can give you that abstract look you were aiming for in the end album.
Weddings are all about the celebration – it should be lively. The more fun and engaging the event is, the more relaxed the photographs will be. Loosen up and smile at people to have them smiling too. It’s always those happy moments caught on camera which are enjoyable to look back to.

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