Planning a Beach Wedding

Planning a Beach Wedding

There are plenty of places that one can hold a wedding, but in the summer most people prefer to have their weddings at the beach. A beach wedding is much more comfortable to plan, and the costs are less as opposed to a garden or an indoor venue. Also, you are not restricted to having fun since there is plenty of space available for your guests to enjoy and have fun.

Find a venue

The first step that the couple should take is to find a proper venue where they would want to hold their wedding. After finding a right place that you both agree on, you should also pay a deposit to secure the place. If possible, do check if you are able to reserve a section of beach to keep your wedding private. The charges for a beach venue are quite low since one is only required to pay for the permit that allows them to hold the wedding around that areas.

  • If you want to reduce your workload and have a carefree day during the big day, it is recommended that you work with a resort. Find a good resort where you will be spending the night and ask them to offer you a place to officiate your wedding too. In most cases, the resort provides the beach area for free if the couple hires other services like accommodation.
  • Consider the distance that your guests will have to travel if they are attending your wedding. Try to secure a beach that is convenient for everyone to get to and most importantly, convenient for your immediate family to commute to.

Find an officiator.

A wedding will require an officiator, and therefore it is advisable that you find him or her at an early date.

  • If your budget is low, you can consider having a close friend or family member to officiate your wedding. Alternatively, you can research for cheap officiators in town and book them an early date.

Prepare for the setup.

Given the lack of space to set up elaborate decorations, beach weddings are relatively simple. Also, the beach offers an excellent view of the water that everyone would want to view thus minimizing the need for other decorations. The primary area that requires setting up is the officiating area, the photo booth and also the sitting areas. Make sure to select beautiful charivari chairs and arrange around the ceremony area to allow guests to have an unobstructed of the officiating ceremony. You can find a canopy and set it where the wedding will be officiated and where the couple and their best man and lady will be sitting. Decorate the canopy with some flowers.

Tips for decorating.

Get two customized flower stands and set them on the walkway where people will be passing through.

Photo booth

You need to be as creative as possible when setting up an area for the photo session since the beach is not as flexible as other areas like the garden. But you can still have fun at your photo shoots by incorporating elements that fit a beach setting. Place some beach props that the people can wear or hold when the pictures are being taken. Some of the accessories to use include sunglasses or tropical drinks. Use a transparent backdrop to allow a good view of the beaches and maybe add some crystal strings for excellent illumination in case people want to take more pictures in the evening.

Set up the food area.

You cannot use the standard tables at the beach since they can easily sink into the sand. So, if you will need to use serving tables, make sure to utilize trunks or tables that have round bottom legs to ensure stability on the sand.

The cake

The cake planning is another excellent area where you can incorporate a beach theme feature. Some of the best ideas that you can add on the cake include a blue sea colour on the outer part of the cake or use two edible seat designs and edible sand topping on the cake.

  • Find a reliable and experienced baker who you will be able to fulfil all the requirements and special requests you have.



Before you even start with all the above preparations, you need first of all to come up with a budget since the budget will guide you in your plans. Work with a wedding planner so they can guide you when you get stuck and to ensure that everything is in order on the big day.

Keeping Guests Entertained At A Wedding Reception

Keeping Guests Entertained At A Wedding Reception

It may come as a surprise to you, but there is no rule that says you have to include only dancing and dinner at your wedding reception. You have plenty of options which you should consider for your big day. However, you need to make sure that you pick activities which suit your guests’ demographic and preferences along with yours. They should also fit your wedding style and personality.

For example, if you have a fun-loving crowd along with a group of kids to entertain, make sure you include games suitable for children as well. Remember you need music since you don’t want a silent reception. In this article, we’ll look at creative ways to ensure your guests remember your wedding reception.

Set up A Photo Booth and Instaprint

When it comes to wedding receptions, guests love taking photos since they want something to take home with them. That means you should make sure you rent a photo booth with an Instaprint service. That way, your guests can take pictures at your wedding reception as usual. However, by adding a hashtag, which is synced to the Instaprint service, they can have a physical version of the amazing pictures in minutes, which they can store with them for future viewing.

Play Life Sized Games

Playing games at your wedding reception is one of the most exciting activities. For example, you can choose fun games that are blown up to life size. They include Tic Tac Toe and Life Jenga. Alternatively, you can opt for lawn games by setting up a volleyball net, corn hole or croquet. Additionally, classic board games can make your reception memorable. Be as creative as possible to make your wedding a memorable one.

Live Performances

You can organize and have live performances at your wedding reception. For example, you can invite your favourite singer-songwriters or find duelling pianos. Remember if you want a memorable wedding, you need to include music.

Have a Wedding Guest Book

Guests will love leaving their goodwill messages during your wedding reception. That means amongst the activities, you should offer them a guest book which they can sign and leave you heartfelt and personal messages.

Entertain your guests with food and drinks

Consider making dinner more fun by bringing it in food trucks. On the other hand, desserts can be made memorable by opting for a DIY station for cheesecake or waffles. For drinks, you should hire a mixologist to mix the drinks or a sommelier to lead your guests in wine tasting. 

Hire an Artist Caricaturist

You can be sure that your guests will be lining to have their pictures taken if you hire an artist caricaturist. You can ask the artist to add your monogram or any other design from your wedding theme.

Create an Arcade

If you want an old-school style, you should consider renting classic table games such as ping pong, billiards or foosball. If you want to keep the cheering and beeping noises away from the dining area, make sure you create a little lounge to house the exciting activities and games. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to your wedding reception, ensure you provide your guests with interesting activities. As the post suggests, renting a photo booth with an Instaprint service ensures that your guests take and print pictures, which they will use to remember your big day in future, for example, during your wedding anniversary.

How to plan a baby shower

How to plan a baby shower

Planning a baby shower is a fun and exciting time. A baby shower means that the birth of a baby is coming, which brings joy and excitement to all who attend. A baby shower can be hard to plan, but there are some basics that every shower needs.

The date and place of the shower

The first thing that needs to be decided is where and when the shower will be. Make sure the place is large enough to hold everyone you plan on inviting and have room for food and presents. Always make sure the date and place are confirmed before making further plans.

Invitations and guest list

Once you have secured a date and place, it is time to send out invitations. Make a list in advance of who will be invited to the shower so you have enough invitations. Do not forget to invite anyone, to prevent that ask others who should be invited so no one is forgotten. The invitations should have the date and place, where the mom to be is registered, the time of the party and any other important information a guest would need to know.


Every baby shower needs decorations. Balloons, table clothes and any other decorations you choose will make the baby shower more personal. Some decorations are simply blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby. Some showers will have a theme and the invitations and decorations will all match. Some theme ideas could be farm animals, Noah’s Ark, Princesses or cars, trucks and construction.


A good baby shower will have entertainment for the guests to enjoy. Some showers will have games, such as who can put a diaper on a baby doll the fastest blindfolded, guess the melted candy in a diaper, baby shower BINGO and countless other games. Photo booths that print off instaprints are quickly becoming a favourite baby shower activity. Using a photo booth allows guests to take photos with friends, family and the mom to be and take them home with them. Guests can take funny photos, photos with props and even serious photos. Having a photo booth that prints instaprints is a great way for guests to remember the baby shower and the good time that they had while attending.


Food is a very important part of a baby shower. Every shower has different types of food, from snacks and appetizers to full sit down or buffet meals. Some of the possible food that could be served is: Hokkien Mee, Fried Carrot Cake and Satay.


Those who attend a baby shower will bring gifts for the mom to be. Most gifts are opened at the shower, so it’s important to know when and where at the shower will gift be opened. Having a special chair and someone to write down who gave what gift for the mom to be will make this part of the shower run smoothly.

Baby showers are a great way to bring friends and family together to celebrate both a mom to be and a new baby that is on their way.

Photo template ideas

Photo template ideas

One aspect of planning for a photobooth is the photo template which can be a challenging task if you are out of ideas. Today we will be sharing with you some designs that we have developed with our clients to help spark your imagination.

Design 1

Chris and Belle had adopted a white and gold colour scheme for their photo template to complement the set-up of their wedding. The photo template too had a white and gold border, however, Chris and Belle wanted to trial having a photo template with a different colour scheme. After a few edits to the design and colour scheme, the couple chose the white and gold colour scheme with flowers as seen below.


Initial template

Final template chosen by the couple

Design 2

Another couple, Yinggit and Mavis, had chosen a floral theme for their wedding and as such opted for a floral design for their photo template. We worked with them to make a few minor changes before achieving a perfect photo template. As seen below, minute details can make a huge difference to a photo template.


The couple mentioned that they would like the font to be changed to one that had a more elegant touch. Additionally, they proposed an interesting idea of having the ends extended to form a bracket. As seen below, the small changes proposed gave the photo template an elegant and fresh finish.

Contact us today to have your ideas come to life. No suggestion or detail is too small to be ignored! Let us help you create your perfect photobooth and photo template for your wedding.

How to plan a farewell party

How to Plan For the Best Farewell Party for Your Boss

When someone who has stayed in your business through the good and challenging times at some point decides to move on to another job, or their time for retirement comes, it may be hard for the company has a whole to face the current situation. Even though you might wish to lock yourself up in the office and cry. One of the best things you can do is showing love, acknowledge the things that the person did and what he meant for the business. Planning a farewell party would be the best thing to do as a sign of love and appreciation to them. Below are some steps to follow when planning for the farewell.

Come up with a theme.

Themes are the best parts of the next step of the person’s journey in life and memorialize your time together as a team and as a family. Maybe the celebration highlights the best things that the manager loves. You may also highlight all the good work the person did at the office. Let the theme fit into the decorations, food and invitations.

Choose a place to hold the party that best fits the theme.

Look at some of the appropriate places best for the party; a restaurant, at the office, even at home. It should be a place where the guests will be comfortable with and will enjoy. If the co-worker is changing jobs or retiring, the office or the person’s favourite restaurant is appropriate. Also, consider what the guest of honour would prefer.

Make a guest list and send invites

After preparing a budget for the party, come up with a guest list as a team; invite the immediate senior members and the team members. Invite close friends and family too. Think of the budget when sending out invitations. Know whether your guest of honour prefers a large party. You may also choose to do a special personalized invitation. Decorate the invitations according to the theme. Ask them to RSVP by two or three weeks prior to the celebration to help plan for the meals.

Organize all the party details.

Give each person in the group a thing or two to take care of. Assigning certain roles will ensure that everyone is occupied during the big day. Make decorations, organize the meals such as small snacks, desserts, and sandwiches. Such foods allow people to at least move around and socialize. On the other hand, a well set sit-down dinner may be more preferable to your guest of honour. Do plan for the speeches too, and find farewell presents.

Take photos.

Always take lots of photos to make it more memorable, you can create large collages and mail it to every person. Hiring photobooth services will see to it that you get high-quality pictures at affordable rates. Photobooth services also have decorations and backgrounds that will suit your event thereby making it the best ever. Keep your memories by hiring the touch of professionals.

Give your colleague the best send-off to remember all good times you had together and let them leave with joyful memories and a final farewell that shows all the love, appreciation and respect for the teammate.






How to Plan a Graduation Party

How to Plan a Graduation Party

Among the most exciting summer activities are graduation parties. For instance, hosting a graduation party is becoming the most popular activity among high school or college graduates. This event marks both the beginning and end of an era, which means you need to plan well for the celebration. That will enable you to reflect on the times you have spent learning with friends, your academic achievements and look forward to your future. For the best outcome, you need to make sure plan well for your graduation party. This informative post gives you 5 tips to ensure it’s a success.

Come Up With a Budget and Choose the Graduation Party Venue

When Planning a graduation party, you need to choose the venue, select the date and determine how much you intend to spend. The best way to go about is to know the size of your party and the number of guests you plan to invite. Depending on your preferences, you may choose a large party or a small and intimate one. Among the options, you have for venues include a casual backyard party and a catering hall venue.

The Graduation Party Invitations

The moment you determine how many people you want to attend your party and whether they will bring guests along with them, you should proceed and reach them. One of the best ideas is to opt for a paper invitation. On the other hand, you can decide to use social media platforms such as Facebook. The reason is it’s among the best ways to reach lots of people and let them post about your event.

Settle on the Type of Food and Drinks to Serve

It’s important you realize that if you want to make your guests happy, you need to have some drinks and foods to serve them. You will be graduating along with your friends, which means you want your event to have photos of people enjoying themselves with drinks delicious food.

The Activities

When looking for great ideas on how to make your graduation party memorable and exciting, you should keep in mind that photobooths are among the best options. For instance, they make your party unforgettable and special by giving your guests an opportunity to have unique and fun photos. The result is your guests will want to take photos and enjoy using your photobooth. They can then upload these photos on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Using Instaprint technology, the photo booth company will give permission to the event owners to print the shared pictures from any point in the world. Instaprint works by using Instabooths, which provide users with a chance to use image printers from Instagram. Alternatively, photos can be taken and printed immediately. The result is your graduation party will be among the most shared among your guests and other social media platform users.

Consider Giving Out Customized Gifts

Another way to make your party memorable is by giving out customized gifts. They can include personalized Smartphone cases, candle art, DIY jewellery, keychains or buttons. The key thing to remember is to be simple and creative.


The above informative article on the best tips to use when Planning a graduation party should make it a smooth experience for you if you want to have one. Keep in mind that the best events should have a photobooth and Instaprint for guests. They will enable them to take memorable photos and share them. In the event you want to print the shared pictures, you can use Instaprint technology to ensure your guests share their exciting experiences.

Spicing up your business roadshows

Spicing up your business roadshows

Are you searching for different ways on how to spice up your business roadshow? When it comes to promoting your brand, you need to ensure you make it exciting to potential customers. One of the best ways is to ensure you are excited about it. For example, it may be required for your daily routine or useful, but if you can’t market it well on your road show, potential customers may move on to the next product or service. It means that for you to attract customers to your road show, you need to be creative. Fortunately, this informative article gives you 5 excellent ways to make your roadshow stand out from the rest.

Lucky Draws

One way to make your roadshow be a success is to offer visitors lucky draws. The exciting sounds, lights and moving parts of casino games are among the best ways to draw potential customers to your exhibit. A casino atmosphere will make customers feel inclined to find out what you’re offering. Among the prices, you can offer to include the grand prize, which can be one of your products, your company’s giveaways or any other exciting price. Remember by challenging people to win your product, you will create more value.

Attract crowds with creative displays

It’s important that you display the products you’re promoting well. Among the best ways is to use strolling tables or living tables. They involve performers who wear costumes that result in a flat surface surrounding their body form. Using this method, you can display your company’s giveaways, promotional materials or other gifts which your company can offer. It ensures that visitors remember your company and associate you with imagination and innovation.

Photo Booth 

By choosing to take a customer’s photo during your roadshow, you can leave them with a souvenir that they will remember and also help in initiating a fun conversation. One of the best ways is to use a photo booth, which is an ideal option if you want to create a contemporary approach. That way, you will help create an interaction and a buzz in addition to providing props.

This modern form of photo entertainment enables to add exciting graphics that can be shared on social media platforms. Using green eye technology, you can add your company’s logo into each photo. It ensures your roadshow is a fun experience that gives visitors a chance to promote your brand.

Consider Using Themes

You need to be creative if you want to use themes. For instance, if your products are tailored to meet customer’s needs, you can come up with a magic theme that plays off the idea that if one uses your product, their problem will disappear. You should incorporate this theme into unique or ornate attire for your firm’s exhibitors. You can also choose to provide giveaways that are associated with your theme or hire entertainers who will draw crowds and keep them entertained.

Use Impersonators

Another way to make your road show exciting is to use impersonators. They can impersonate a well-known celebrity and offer their autographs as a fun way of endorsing your company. You should make sure you create fun experiences by allowing visitors to take photos with these celebrities at your electronic photo booth. That will enable you to brand the resulting photo with your company logo. Visitors will be excited about these experience and share these moments with friends and relatives on social media platforms, which will make your brand visible.


For your road show to be successful, you should ensure you make your products or services clear. Among the best options, include having a photo booth, giving away some items free, having articulate team members and displaying visuals.

Keeping your guests entertained in parties

Keeping your guests entertained in parties

Never in the history of parties has there ever been a party host that did not want his or her guests to have a great time. We all want our guests—families, friends, and co-workers, even acquaintances—to enjoy themselves at any gathering we put together. The great news is it really isn’t hard to entertain. All you’ll need are a few key pieces in your party to guarantee success. Here are three ways you can keep your guests entertained at any of your parties.

The Essentials – Food and Drinks

If you don’t have good food at the very least, you can at least assume that your guests will be slightly disappointed. Most people expect food at any gathering, and they expect the food to be good. Whether or not you’re having a party that calls for alcohol, libations are an absolute must. The coolest thing about food and drinks is that they can be forms of entertainment themselves. They’re some of the best conversation starters you can have at a party, and a party with excellent conversations is definitely a good one. Keep the good food coming and the drinks flowing, and you’re sure to have guests that are happy.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are not only fun; they also allow everyone to capture memories from parties that otherwise would’ve just passed. If executed properly, a photo booth can be your party’s best entertainment. There are no limits as to how creative you can be with photo booths. You can tie it in with your party’s theme, or your photo booth can be completely random—it’s your call. Incorporating social media into your event is also a great idea but hard to do. You could also have Instaprint available so that guests can bring photos right from their Instagram.

There are many ways that you can incorporate a photo booth into your party. Here are 5 ways you can successfully incorporate a photo booth into your event.

Hands-on Activities

The best way to have a party is to have your guests constantly interacting with each other. This could mean board games, lawn games, video games, or any other interactive activity that you can think of. These activities can be loud and boisterous, or they can be more subdued. Either way, you can guarantee that your guests will at least be doing something instead of standing around just waiting for your party to be over. Keep your guests entertained by keeping them active and participating.

3 great baby shower themes for new mothers

3 Great Baby Shower Themes for New Mothers

An expectant woman usually anticipates seeing her beloved baby. This is always one of the best days of their entire life. However, before they can conceive, the moms to be loves to be showered with love and many baby gifts at their baby showers. There are many beautiful baby shower themes that can suit all the expectant mom’s interests. Inspirations can be derived from different factors such as from storybooks, baby animals, and many more. Nonetheless, this is always depending on the mother’s preference. Let’s look at some of the latest and most popular baby shower themes.

Sprinkle Showers

Sprinkle showers are among the most cherished baby shower theme with most mothers. It is currently a huge trend and is usually very interesting. Sprinkle showers involve many activities where there is rainbow confetti. The confetti is then set to pop out in the shower over the expectant mother. Besides, sprinkle showers can also be done using the sprinkle-filled votives and photo booths. The photo booths are usually appealing if decorated with colourful balloons, specifically the long skinny ones. They represent a beautiful backdrop for a memorable baby shower. When it comes to food, sweet mocktails can be great for a beverage. They are better if with a sprinkle coating to go along with the sprinkled covered cake to end the day.

Apple of My Eye

This is a very great idea, especially for a gender-neutral baby shower. It is a unique theme and with a welcoming feeling to the party attendees. Friends and families can find this theme interesting as they surprise you with the endless gifts of a baby shower. The apple of my eye theme promotes a great display where it adds in beautiful, dazzling and natural green feeling. This is one reason why it is always appreciated besides for the fact that, it is a great way to highlight the centrepiece for dessert too.

Yellow Vintage Baby Shower

This type of baby shower is more of a baby boy theme. It involves adorable decorations and many more attractive details. These include many different types of desserts including candies, cakes and a lot more. The yellow vintage baby shower is very jolly due to the types of colours included. It provides jovialness where it has bright colours and cheerful details. From the beautiful duck pintables, old children books and the vintage glassware, it is indeed very cute to keep an expectant mother happy all along throughout the baby shower party.

On top of having a great theme, be sure to capture the memories. One way to do so is by having a photo booth at your shower for you and your guests to take photos and have fun!



Event Feature: George and Alicia’s Wedding

Event Feature: George & Alicia’s Wedding

A wedding is a special occasion for both you and your guests. Having a photo to bring home serves as a form of remembrance of the special day. That’s why George and Alicia invited us to set up a photo booth at their wedding.


Guests and family members thoroughly enjoyed getting their photos snapped with their loved ones. Many had fun playing around with the variety of props that we provided alongside the booth.


The backdrop was a combination of our backdrop of gold streams and the flower arrangements by the couple. This created a beautiful backdrop for guests to take the photo and suited the entire theme of the wedding perfectly.

We enjoy collaborating with our clients and incorporating their ideas into the backdrop to better suit their theme and create a beautiful backdrop.




Photo template

The photo template was designed to go hand in hand with the flowers in the backdrop. The simple but elegant design allowed the photo to stand out and shine. The white template complemented the gold background to great a perfect picture for guests to take home.

Contact us to have your very own photo booth at your wedding today! Just like at George and Alicia’s wedding, we can work hand in hand to customize a photo booth of your choice.