4 Must Haves in your Corporate Photobooth

4 Must Haves in your Corporate Photobooth

Photo booths are crucial for an array of events and occasions, including many kinds of corporate events.

Hiring a photo booth for a corporate event is an ideal way to add value, promote your business, event or product. And this does not matter whether it’s for the benefit of your clients, or employees.

Aside from promoting your company’s visibility and increasing promotional opportunities, hiring a photo booth can also draw new clients, and create fun and engaging experiences for clients while helping your business with its marketing promotions.

However, if you’re planning to promote and push your business forward using a photo booth, there are minimum essentials that must be included in the photo booth.

Let’s look at some of the features or rather essentials of an effective corporate photo booth.


Most of the corporates think that hiring a corporate photo booth is nothing but entertainment, but in reality, the booth can be an effective marketing and branding tool too. Remember that a brand is not just about your product, but rather the overall experience and photo booths help in bringing your brand to life.

The first step to branding your entity is by including your company name/logo/signage in a photo booth.

The name of your company will help in engaging the participants even before they get to play with a booth.

With a photo booth, a company has endless opportunities in airing their company logo/name, from creating a background with your firm’s identity, including the name on the photo sleeve to including the name outside the booth.

About the Product/Event

While it’s a standard procedure and common for the photo booths to include the name of their company, they often tend to forget to include the purpose of the event.

For instance, if you’re launching a new product or opening a new store, it should be depicted in the photo booth.

By placing your “new items” on the photo booth, you provide them with a stepping stone to the market and make your marketing for the product easier.


All professional photo booths are accompanied by props. However, these props are not customized, meaning that they’re not suited for your business. Granted that customizations of props come at an additional cost, most of the corporates tend to shy away from customizing their props.

However, that tailoring your props according to your company needs helps in bring a personal touch and offers you more places to plant your company name, logo, unique hashtags, or anything that makes your event memorable.

Custom Graphics

If you are looking for a way to create a long-lasting memory in the minds of your customers, give them something to take away. Hire a photo booth company that can add logos or design prints to each of the instant prints, which clients can take away and display them in their homes.


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