4 Reasons to have a Photobooth at your event

4 Reasons to have a Photobooth at your event

Photography is a very big part of everyone’s life especially in the modern age of the internet and social media. Instagram and Snapchat, the leading social networking platforms for photos have millions of users who post photos to the site every second. In addition to that, a photo is memorabilia of an event, a season or a moment in someone’s life. It is also something you can share with your friends and family. A photobooth is like a vending machine for photos or a kiosk with an automatic camera and film processor. Big events have photobooths for their guests. This trend is a great game changer in the events industry since it offers guests a great experience.

People will have a major interest in your event due to the presence of a photobooth. Photobooths are great for your event due to these reasons:

A Marketing Platform

Photos trend on social media and are a good marketing resource. Your guests will be able to upload the photos to the internet and due to the viral nature of hashtags, your event will trend around the world and people will share the experience with your guests. Some events represent courses that need the support of beneficiaries, investors or a wider customer base hence photos highlight the program and get more people involved.

A Source of Entertainment

It is so fun when people are taking pictures. They make faces, strike poses and have lots of fun doing it. A photobooth comes with different backdrops that your guests can choose to make their photos better and interesting. They can also use props to add life to the photos or create an illusion with different effects. The exciting nature of photographs will keep your guests entertained for hours, which will keep them at your event.

It Accommodates Everyone

A photobooth is not a magazine where they only feature young attractive models. It exists for everyone. Whether your guests are young, old, skinny or plus size, they have a chance of getting their picture taken. These photos will remind them of the amazing time they had at your event. Two people and more can take pictures together no matter who they are or what they look like. Therefore, having a photobooth at your event will get everyone’s participation.

It is a Party Favour

When you are organizing an event, you always have a party favour in mind. A gift you give your guests as a measure of gratitude for their attendance. A photobooth will take care of that part of the event for you since guests will leave your event with fond memories due to the pictures they took. Renting a photobooth is cheaper than giving out bags or your products free. You will save time coming up with or making party favour. A photo is also capable of lasting longer than a gift that your guests may throw away.

Photobooths will make your event stunning and give your guests memories that they will look back on years to come. Your business will gain publicity and you will be able to get a wider market for your products. A photobooth guarantees a successful event and in business, success is important. Every time you pitch an idea or introduce yourself to a potential investor, you will be able to show evidence of your success through photos of your colourful events. Choose to get a photobooth for your business event today.

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