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5 basic Types of photographers

5 basic Types of photographers

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of photographer are you or you want to be? There are different kinds of photographers. Each has their own expertise and set of specific skills. Let us see what those skills are for each photographer and how you can develop your skills according to your interests:

Action or Event Photographer:
The photographers who fall in this category may be extremely aware of their surroundings, allowing them to have a keen eye for moments to be photographed. They must be skilled at focusing on individuals as they move and capture action as it is happening.

Fashion Photographer
Whether on the runway or in a pose, these type of photographers shoot models most of the time. They may also specialize in clothing, hair or makeup design. Most of these photographers work in the movie or music industry as well.Their work is featured in catalogues or magazines and designer’s brochures.

Nature Photographer
To be a nature photographer you must have an artistic way of seeing the natural world. You must be skillful in using natural lighting to accentuate your subject and must explore shooting in different angles. Nature photographers get to travel the world with their camera as their only companion.

Portrait Photographer
As portrait photography portrait photography is one of the oldest genres of photography, it is the one often used to document our culture. Portrait photographers typically work in a studio or at a specific location. They are skilled at staging a photograph to get the possible shot, whether for an individual, pair or a group. This type of photographer requires a thorough understanding of lighting and angle techniques.

Still Life Photographer
Works of a still life photographer may include food or decor photography and other object-focused photography. This type of photographers often works for advertising purposes. They must be skillful in making an ordinary object become extraordinary in the eyes of the viewers or readers.

You have a lot of options when it comes to what photographer you want to be. Assess your skills and ask yourself what genre you are most interested in. Deciding on what type to be will allow you to focus on your interests and will help you develop the necessary skillset for your choice.