5 Essential must haves for birthday parties

5 Essential must haves for birthday parties

There are some things a birthday party can’t go without. Here is a range of birthday party essentials you don’t to miss in your birthday party:

Tableware and Decorations

Tableware brings the birthday feel on the table while the rest of the decorations create the lively birthday theme in the environment. You can’t imagine a birthday party without decorations; it’s like Christmas without the Christmas tree or Santa, just drab and boring! Buy the necessary tableware and decorations that reflect best on what is on your birthday party checklist. But you are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box to come with wildest decoration ideas to make the party more thrilling.

Party Favours and Rentals

Party favours are those little gifts that you will give to your guests as a ‘Thank You for the Attendance’ gesture. They also serve as mementoes of the occasion to make your guests recall that particular birthday many years in the future. But party favours can be simply regarded as aids to frivolity. Rentals, on the other hand, will keep the guests who can’t hit your birthday party’s dancehall preoccupied.


Photo booths lie in a special category of rentals that are essential for a birthday party. It is a special place to capture the moment and keep it for memories. In case a rented photo booth proves to be too expensive for you, consider putting your creativity to use by creating your own DIY photo booth complete with props and themed backgrounds. Position it away from high traffic areas where it won’t disrupt movements.


After having the birthday cake smashed in your face, you will need to have your friends entertained. The choice of entertainment can depend on the age of the person throwing the birthday bash. Normally, kids will just bounce on the inflatables and that’s all. Adults, however, will need a rather intricate entertainment arrangement involving sound systems, an in-house DJ, and even a comedian. Some of the entertainment choices that fall into this category are;

Party Food & Drinks

Party food and drinks are the spices that add the seasoning to your birthday party. To some attendees, it may as well be the reason why they are there and that’s totally Ok. Treat your friends with the most savoury tastes you can afford, they may return the favour someday. The gastronomical arrangements can be as diverse as a chameleon or the strobe lights on the ceiling.

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