5 great wedding favors for your wedding

5 great wedding favors for your wedding

There is a wide range of wedding souvenir’s which are typically available to people who are planning to get married soon. The aim of compiling this list is to help people planning to wed and have no idea on the kind of souvenirs they are supposed to give people. Some people tend to buy wedding favors without any research. We have therefore compiled a list of 5 of our all-time favourite souvenir’s that wedding couples should give away. Don’t worry, all the items listed here are fairly inexpensive and all the companies have other things that you can browse as well.


candle wedding favor


Candles are great wedding favors as they are sure to be used by everyone. Sg wedding favors produces these candles. However, they are not customisable. They all come with the same label but hey, it is still appropriate and has a nice design to it. Order them today as they are on clearance. And you know what that means, discounts! Grab them now whilst still available. We do not know if they are ever coming back.

Matchbox stickers

matchbox wedding favor


The elli blog provides matchbox labels that you can download for free and then stick them onto matchboxes as souvenirs for your guests. This is an extremely punny idea that we are absolutely in love with. However, nothing is ever really free in this world. You are going to have to print them out, cut them, buy the matchboxes and then stick them yourself. Hey, we never said it was easy. Pair this with a tiny candle and you’re good to go.

Custom tea jars

tea jar wedding favor


Favor Atelior provides many wedding favours. One of our favourite is what they call the jar of love. They fill these mini jars with flora tea and with a ribbon that has your names on it. They are fairly inexpensive and are a unique twist to wedding favours that we absolutely love.

Mini customisable Nutella Jar

mini nutella jar wedding favor


Do we really need to say anything more about this? Who doesn’t love Nutella?! Put it in a tiny jar that can be used as a trinket and paste a label of the wedding on it. Fantastic, where do I get it from? Do me a favor produces these tiny jars of goodness for a reasonable price.

Photo Booths


Of course, we had to sneak this in! Photobooths are great additions to any wedding. They are fun and capture the memories of the wedding perfectly. Guests can also take a copy of the picture home. Customise the photo template to contain the name of the happy couple and that makes for a perfect wedding favor. Contact us today to book your wedding photobooth today!

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