How To Choose The Best Photobooths for Your Events

How To Choose The Best Photobooths for Your Events

It is well known that as a product experiences massive increase in acceptance or purchase it intensify the selection of the best product. The case is similar to choosing the perfect Photo Booth for your events which is getting increasingly hard. There are simply just too many different styles, features and deals to consider.  Less than 10 years ago when the photo booths hire industry first started choice wasn’t a concern at all. The main factor then was mainly centered on cost. Operators were charging $1000 – $1500 so you could either pay for one or not!

Today almost everyone can afford a photo booth with the middling price a very sensible $500 –$800. You can even get them cheaper still but if you do go for a particularly cheap photo booth keep in mind you are likely negotiating on quality, reliability and efficiency. Having said that, paying a best price isn’t constantly a guarantee either.

The simple advice here is that prices alone should not be the bases upon which you choose a photo booth. As this is a special day for you either your wedding or any event at all we are talking about how you’re going to want to make sure you make a good choice or it could potentially ruin your special day.

Here are the best tips and advice to help you find and choose the perfect photo booth for your special day or events.


You’ve probably been in a photo booth or two at other people’s events or weddings but chances are you don’t know very much about what’s actually involved with finding and hiring a good one.  First and foremost you need to research so you know what you want, who possess it and for how much, so you can make an up-to- date choice. The following are the sort of things you need to have well understood in your mind before you can choose a suitable operator:

– The flair and style of photo booth you’re after

– How many hours: for how long do you require its service

– Options and extras you want incorporated in your hire

When it comes to the style of photo booth be sure to pick one that visually suits your choice of wedding venue and theme. Also think about the features you want your booth to have. Video messaging and social media capability sounds good but can actually lead to less pictures for both you and your guests as they consume time. Open booths can fit more people in the shot but surely not everyone wants people watching them in booth plus the noise and disorder may not be appropriate in the space you have in mind. Really much to consider!

2. Find local photo booth operators and get quotes

Now that you have your research done you should have a better idea of what you want or you’re after. So the next step is to find reputable local operators who offer the style of photo booth you want and start getting quotes to relate. You can also spend hours going through search engine results which can be around 10 pages long or even more and contact them one at a time or you can save time and money by using the free photo booth finding service online.

The free service not only lets you find appropriate operators but allows you to easily compare them and has assessments and reviews from previous clients. Best of all with one simple enquiry it will put you in contact through to all the operators you want to get a quote from making it all very easy.

3. Book early to secure a date.

Now you can book your preferred available operator. Most will simply demand a hold deposit for now with final payment not due till nearer to the date. As it’s a special event or your wedding like with every other thing choose wisely and book on time to ensure you get what you want.

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