How to choose a Photo booth vendor

How to choose a Photo booth vendor

Photo booths have become very popular in Singapore especially in parties and events. This has opened up the path to many photo booth companies in Singapore. The consumer is spoilt with choice but still may be confused as to which vendor to choose.

These are some things to consider when choosing a photo booth vendor.

Limited/Unlimited prints

Some vendors have a limit on the number of prints that you can have in your event. This could range from 100 to 200 prints. This is generally the cheaper option because the vendor doesn’t have to prepare for unlimited prints. Some like to choose this option based on the number of people that are going to be in the party. If there are only going to be 100 people in the party, then they feel like it is safe to cater for 100 prints. However, based on our experience, people take more than 1 print home. It is fun to take pictures with multiple groups. If you take a picture with 5 different groups of people, that’s 5 pictures per person. In this case, 100 prints are not going to be enough.

Our limited prints are slightly different. We do not restrict the overall number of prints you can get. However, every group only gets to print 1 picture. If you come in with a group of 5 people, you will only get 1 picture. Whereas if you choose our unlimited package, you get 5 pictures, 1 for each person.


All photo booth vendors have certain default backdrops, props and photo template that they use for every event. If you want to make your photo booth special, you should consider customizing these things. You can either provide us with the design that you want to use for your backdrop and photo template or we can design it for you. If you have an in-house designer, we will provide you with the dimensions for the backdrop so that your designer can customize the backdrop.

Our design services are free of charge and we have our in-house designer that can help you design a backdrop that will suit your needs. All we need from you is your company logo, corporate colours and a general idea of how you want the backdrop to look. Our designer will then create a draft for you to approve. The same idea goes for props and picture template as well.


Photo booth companies almost always have a social media presence. They do this to advertise their services and their quality of pictures. With social media, comes conversation. Customers can leave reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook. It is always easier to find negative reviews than positive just because of the nature of reviews. Disgruntled clients will always find an outlet to express their unhappiness. In retrospect, the ones who leave positive reviews are the truly happy clients. People don’t feel inclined to leave a good review for good service provided. This is why looking through the reviews of the company on social media can give you a good idea of how well the company can perform. Ever used our photo booth before? Leave us a review on Facebook or Google!

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