The Convenience and Benefits of Instaprint

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Instaprint technology is fast taking events to a whole new level. Instaprint is spicing up how people at occasions are sharing and broadcasting photos, with a matching hashtag. A photo booth company will allow the event owners to print the shared pictures from just anywhere in the world. Instaprint uses Instabooths, which gives users a chance to use Instagram based image printers. However, what are the benefits of this technology?


  • Timeliness

Instaprint provides users with the advantage of uploading a photo, tag it with a hashtag and print them afterward. Such timeliness is what makes Instaprint a preferable way of preserving memories, thanks to this hassle-free technology.

  • Promotes Networking

In most events, attendees are most likely going to meet new faces. Here they can interact with strangers, take photos and have fun throughout the event.

  • Real-time Live feed

Hashtags are an excellent way of curating timelines, and when combined with photos from Instaprint, they will help in creating a real-time live feed for your social app, Instagram.

  • Marketing

Modern day marketers are promoting events using Instaprint, since they can tag attendees of the occasion, using this excellent platform. Through this, the participants who will take photos are acting as your event marketers, unknowingly but attracting more and more people to the occasion.

  • Event Branding

With Instaprint, your birthday, wedding or corporate party will not lack visibility and continuity, since the Live feed section provided by photo booth service allows the hosting of the photos taken in such events for a few months.

  • Customization

Unlike other pictures, taken by professional shutterbugs, Instaprint gives users the power to customize backgrounds and logos, to suit their needs, without necessarily involving a professional. Photos come fully customized layout, with each person name, event logo on the footer, personalized pictures, and even a website link.


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