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Designing props for corporate photo booths

Designing props for corporate photo booths

Social media has advanced the state of marketing to a higher note. However, not everyone is happy to read detailed information when online, and that’s where pictures come in. With a few shots of your company logo incorporated in a few pictures online, can truly get someone’s attention.

Once in a while, corporate industries hold events that some might be beneficial or just a means of appreciation from the company. Having a photo booth at such events is important because it is your chance to use props that will add value to your company’s marketing strategy.

Therefore, since you want to put a good word out there for your company, the props that you use should definitely be well designed, and also be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the people in the photo booths to be taken pictures with the props.

Simple techniques on how to design the best props for a photo booth at a corporate event


You could print the company’s logo on props of different shapes and make sure the look is stylish. Also, you can incorporate the company’s theme colour on the prop.


When cutting, you should consider the various sizes of people since some people are bigger, some medium and others smaller. For instance, if it’s a hat prop, you should make 2 or 3 of them (different sizes) so that everyone gets their best fit. In addition to that, you can also use the shape of the company’s logo to design the cutting of the prop. For example, if it’s a Nike company, a tick-shaped hat as a prop could bring out the idea of the company.

Decorating the props

Even though you will have used the company’s logo and the colour theme, you should also consider the function of the event. It might be a birthday party for a co-worker, a retirement party, or any other corporate themed party. Use the right kind of decorations on the prop that one can remember what party they were in when they go home with the pictures.

Reinforcing the props

You can hot glue a lollipop stick at the back of the prop designs to make them stronger to withstand one or two more events.

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