Event feature: TPJC Orientation 2018

Event feature: TPJC Orientation 2018

Selfiebox is starting a new category in our blogs to showcase unique events that we have taken part in to show you the possibilities of photo booths. These are events have either had constraints that we had to work around or have unique elements to the photo booth that we feel would assist you in your future events.


The first event we are going to look at is the orientation of Tampines junior college. TPJC has been our frequent customer over the last year. We’ve done orientations, homecomings and graduations. This particular event was their 2018 orientation called Interstellar.


Our photo booths can usually hold a maximum of 5-6 people comfortably. This constraint is mainly because the size of the backdrop is usually 2m x 2m. However, for this Interstellar event, they had to fit groups of up to 30 people per picture and everyone had to have a picture.


An average picture takes 12 seconds to print out. This would make one group of 30 a total of 6 minutes to get their pictures. Factor in the time to take a picture for every 5 people including choosing or props and poses, it would take the whole group of 30 an average of 12-15 mins to get their pictures (quick maths).  This would take way too much time and they could not afford that.


Therefore, we suggested that they not have a backdrop and used a solid coloured wall instead. This way, we could fit in all 30 people at one go, thus saving time. Fortunately, TPJC had a wall with their mission and vision statements and another wall with their school logo that we could use as a backdrop.


In the end, the event was a huge success. Photo booths are highly customizable things. Talk to us about any possible constraints that you might have in your event and we can always find a way to work around it. Contact us today to book your event photo booth today!