Family Portrait Ideas, Tips and Tricks For Your Most Memorable Moments

Family Portrait Ideas, Tips and Tricks For Your Most Memorable Moments

Taking family portraits never go out of style. Yes, family photos can sometimes get a bad reputation, but there are so many creative ideas that can make yours stand out while still capturing the essence and style of an individual family.But how do you find a fresh approach on the same old family photography? Here are some tips on how to achieve that unique family picture:

Coordinate with the Photographer
If you’re hiring a photographer, you might want to check out his/her portfolio first to see if he has done family portraits in the past, or if you have kids, ask if he is used to working with them. Also, never take their opinions for granted. You hired him in the first place, might as well utilize every help you can get from him.

Pick a Location
There is an endless option for the setting of your family picture. You can have it in a studio or inside your house for a more home-y feel, just add props for more effect. Outdoor photography can offer natural lighting and different backgrounds you can choose from. Just remember to run the location by your photographer to get everything (permits and equipment) set up.

The Ideas and Poses
Be creative! Use your hobbies, interests, or even skills as a theme for your family portrait.For example, your family loves watching Harry Potter. Why not jazz up the studio by copying props from the movie and dressing up as the Weasleys? Or if you’re a family of acrobats, why not play around and show off your skills as the photographer snaps away? You can also opt for a minimalist kind of shoot by smiling at the camera, showing how close you are as a family. You can have individual shoots too and let the after-processing do the magic by putting a picture in a picture in a picture – Picture Inception. Let’s not forget about the family pet — if you have one or maybe more. Let them in on the fun!

It’s all about being creative and seeing this photo opportunity in a new perspective. You want this memory to last a lifetime so make the most out of it. Make it interesting and inspiring enough that you would be proud hanging it by the living room area for every one to see.

Creative family portraits take time to set up than regular ones but sometimes, it pays off. You’ll be surprised at how good the outcome is that it puts you in a good mood whenever you revisit them.

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