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How does a GIF Photobooth work?

How does a GIF Photobooth work?

Making animated GIF’s has been made easy, thanks to the availability of photo booth services. When a potential client wants to have the best photo booth experience in making animated GIFs, they can simply achieve this by using Selfiebox’s High definition photo booth. Prior to commencement of photo capture, ensure that the photo booth is well setup to allow for the capture of numerous pictures at the client’s preferred time interval; this can be done by the clients themselves. However, should the client need some help setting the photo booth up, it to be done with a lot of ease by our able technical team on site.


During the setting up, the client need to select on whether to allow for instant upload of the pictures captured or simply make animated GIFs. The HD Photo Booth provides for advanced functionalities that allows the client do so much in customizing their GIF with minimal clicks. While creating an animated picture, clients may choose to change their GIF’s background to meet their color taste and preference by just clicking on a well labeled button meant for background color change. In other words, our HD Photo Booth software allows the client to be the master of his/her animated GIF design; it allows for incorporation of their creativity in adding color to their animated GIF. One other reason that makes us best suited to provide you with GIF services is their ability to provide customizable backdrop as well as unlimited prints.


As a result of the advanced capabilities exhibited by Selfiebox’s HD Photo Booth, Selfiebox can be relied upon to provide the best photo booth services in realizing the client’s animated GIF needs. With Selfiebox’s HD Photo booth software, a client is always able to instantly share their captured images as well as the generated GIFs for their events on their social medial platforms.


The common and most notable features available on the HD Photo Booth software that make the creation of GIF’s fun and simple include GIF Overlay, Square GIF’s, Frame Delay, Upload to Social Media, animated frame, Animated Backgrounds, and Animated Overlay.