Help your guests take more fun pictures this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or at least, it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right! Christmas and New years are coming soon. This is the time to plan for your Christmas and new year’s party and you want something for your guests to bring home. However, people don’t generally know how to take fun pictures that are memorable. Here are a few things that you can add to your Photobooth to ensure that your guests have fun and have something to bring home.


The backdrop is the iconic thing in your Christmas Photobooth. It is the single largest thing in your picture and it sets the tone for your photos. There are some great evergreen backdrops that you can use such as snowflakes and candy canes with a great big Santa clause in the middle. However, this does not scream anything about your party. It could have been any other Christmas party that your guests attended. This season, why not create your own custom backdrop? You can include things like your company name or your party name. if you decide to be more daring, you can even include your face in the backdrop so that you can be a part of every single picture. The more entertaining the backdrop, the more your guests are likely to interact with it.


The problem with props is that they are sometimes too generic. Photobooth companies often have props for every occasion. However, the props are usually made for a mass audience. These days, Photobooth companies can make customized props for you. Props can be as imaginative as creating a sleigh for your guests to sit in or a reindeer that they can ride. Think big when coming up with props. Don’t be stuck with hand help props. Create more interactive props with your Photobooth company.


Give your audience picture ideas by showcasing what you can do with a Photobooth. We have seen plenty of creative poses in our Photobooth, so we can guide you along with creating these interesting pictures. Take a few creative pictures prior to the start of the event and play them on a loop with a tablet near the camera. This way, when your guests see you doing quirky poses, they will be more inclined to take quirky pictures themselves.

A Photobooth can be a great add-on to any event. However, it can be a great miss as well when your guests do not know how to take fun pictures. These tips are just a guideline of the various strategies you can do to help your guests take more fun pictures. The more fun the Photobooth, the more fun your event can be.

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