How to get the most out of your photobooth

How to get the most out of your photobooth

Photobooths have become commonplace in weddings, corporate events and sometimes even birthdays. Photobooths are supposed to be a place for you to go take fun memorable pictures, print them out and keep it for a lifetime, right? But, when was the last time you walked into a photobooth and knew exactly how to pose? Doing a funny pose does not come naturally to most people. However, as the host of the party, there are some things that you can do to encourage your guests to take better pictures.


Most photobooths come with some default props that people can use to take pictures with. Most times, these props are humorous things that people can wear such as huge spectacles, wigs and signs. Although these are evergreen props that will always be fun to use, you know your audience best. Hosts can create some custom props that are inspired by them or by their guests. Surely, you’ve had many funny experiences with your guests. Use some of these and recreate the memories. Props can also be created to suit the theme of the event. If the theme of the event is superheroes, you can create props around that.


Backdrops are often disregarded in photobooths. However, since the backdrop is the biggest part of your photobooth, it is worth considering some design options for your backdrop. Often times, a solid colour backdrop is great because the main focus of the picture is supposed to be the person in the picture. If you have decided to use a black and white picture, you might want to just use a white backdrop. However, if you want to add an element of fun to the picture, you can opt for the green screen backdrop and put anything that you want on it. Space and underwater seem to be the most common themes. They also allow your guests to pose like they are floating in space or swimming underwater.

Photo ideas

Seeing as most people don’t know how to make funny poses for pictures at the photobooth, you might want to give them some suggestions. You could have a bowl at the props station where people who don’t know how to pose can take a suggestion. We’ve seen occasions where hosts leave suggestions such as “find the tallest girl in the room” or “do a handstand”. Ideas like these are great because it takes away the stress of deciding on a pose and allows your guests to go along and have fun. Remember, at the end of the day, you know your guests best, so you know the boundaries.

Different types of photobooths

There are various options that you can choose for your photobooth such as GIF photobooth or Instaprint. GIF photobooths are great because they allow your guests to create a short story. They also make great Instagram posts as well. Instaprint, on the other hand, takes the trouble of taking a picture at the photobooth out. All your guests will have to do is to post a picture on Instagram with a unique hashtag and our Instaprint system will be able to pick it out and print it for them. This way, people don’t need to queue up for the photobooth and can take the pictures anywhere within the venue. Do take note of the cheeky people that want to print a completely unrelated picture just because it’s free.

Photobooths are fun things to have in any event. However, it is up to the hosts to make your guests interact with the photobooth. Contact us now to discuss how to get the best photobooth for your event.

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