How To Scale Your Event With a Fun Photobooth Concept

How To Scale Your Event With a Fun Photobooth Concept

Photobooth adds a new dimension to any event, whether it is a family reunion, business gathering, birthday, or wedding, Photobooth allows your guests to capture the moments in a new and exciting way, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Selfiebox’s unique concept of Photobooth turns your event into an experience that will be remembered long after your guests go home. Through interaction with customized props and backgrounds you can create an unlimited number of shots and prints that are suitable for framing. No other photo experience can compare.

The idea is exciting and new. When you rent a Photo booth experience it becomes the centerpiece of the whole event. Guests will have fun connecting with each other in a way that is different from taking pictures with a camera or cell phone. It is this unique connection that makes the Photobooth encounter distinct. Your guests can socialize in a way that no camera can offer, providing quality photos they will be excited about bringing home with them.

Our service eliminates hours of painstakingly photo-shopping your private photographs in order to choose the few that you want to keep and delete the countless photos that didn’t come out. From silly to serious and everything in between, Photobooth photos are all keepers.

During the day of the Photobooth service, our Singapore Photobooth team will bring down a wide range of props for your event’s usage at absolutely no cost. Props are included in the cost of the rental. If you’re looking for customized props to match your theme, we can create them uniquely for the event.

If there is a particular background that you have in mind to match your event’s theme, let us know and we will custom create it for you to enrich your experience and make it more memorable. We strive to create the most unforgettable experience possible. Making lasting memories is our goal.

When you change the dynamics of your next event by adding Photobooth, your guests smiles, laughs, and excitement will be all the thanks you’ll need.

At Selfiebox, we seek a long-term relationship with all of our clients, and are committed to providing the most competitive rates in the market. Our reasonable package rates express our desire to do business with you. Our dedication to satisfying our customers is conveyed through our commitment to great service and quality.