How to Identify a Good Photo Booth in Singapore

How to Identify a Good Photo Booth in Singapore

Photo booths provide one of the most sought-after services in Singapore. And with vendors popping up left, right, and center, it can be an uphill task for Singaporeans to pick out the best ones. Also, when it comes to seeking the best photo booth service, price alone is not a factor. Remember that cheaper options are not always the best. Cheaper bargains often turn out to be expensive in the long run. And if you’re looking for a photo booth company for the sake of your wedding and are depending of price alone as a determining factor, then you are essentially setting up yourself for a disappointment.


So here are the things which you ought to look for


Beware of ‘’hobbyist’’


Setting up a basic photo booth only takes a camera, a PC, and a printer. However, details such as quality of the camera, the speed of printing, and a variety of other props must be considered when choosing a photo booth vendor. Moreover, placing your bet on a hobbyist is the worst mistake because these people do it on a part-time basis.


Because it’s a side-line hustle, they often work with basic equipment which are just enough to setup shop. Their prices are also cheaper than the normal rates because they want to compete with any professional photo booth company within the vicinity. They are also short-term focused, meaning that they are aiming at making any amount of money rather than building a brand. This results in a poor photo booth service.


Facebook reviews


Many photo booth vendors in Singapore have Facebook fan pages where they can communicate with clients and also give them a platform for leaving reviews behind. If the vendor is poor in service delivery, people won’t hesitate to state so.


On the other hand, high ratings take things like photo quality, responsiveness, customer service, and fun meter into account. This explains why top rating is hard to come by. Luckily, such rating is precisely used by clients to gauge the vendor’s quality. Therefore, social media is a great place to start from when looking for a good photo booth vendor.


Check out their online gallery (popular brands like Instaprint use galleries)


Established ones tend to have an online gallery where clients can download samples to compare quality. These galleries are often included in the vendor’s website so that customers can use them to check quality, design (customised backdrops), and prop variety. If the photos appear dull and lifeless, perhaps it’s best to skip that photo booth and head to another.


You should ask more questions


Experienced photo booth vendors will sell their track record in terms of experience. They will also tell you how many corporate events and private ones they’ve served. If they have a lot of experience, chances are that they will do a good job. And even if things go south, they will know how to fix it.


And of course you’d also want to find out the type of equipment which they are using for the job. Are they using a DSLR camera? If so, what kind of printer are they using? A dye sublimation printer is often preferred because of its speeds. It can deliver a 4R print in less than 15 seconds. Consider their lighting too. Do they use flash or continuous lighting? Any vendor should prove themselves in reference to this checklist.