What is Instagram Hashtag Print?

What is Instagram Hashtag Print?

If you are considering hiring a photo booth company for your event, an instagram hashtag print station canbe a great addition. Instagram hashtag printing refers to the process of printing out photos directly from

Instagram at a particular event. It is a very simple concept that works perfectly in numerous roles. Gueststake photos with a smartphone and upload them to Instagram with a hashtag related to your event. The

Hashtag Printer then prints the photo onto a gorgeous Polaroid like image that your guests can keep as areminder of your event.



Is it similar to a photo booth?


An Instagram Hashtag printer is much more efficient than a photo booth. It gives your guests the freedomto take any images they like, and then upload and print them out. There are several things that a photobooth service cannot capture: a firework display, a couple’s first dance, or even a large group photo. The Hashtag Printer allows you to print and share virtually anything.



For organizations, it is a great way to increase exposure. For instance, suppose 100 people use the Hashtag printer at your event, and then upload the photos to Instagram with a hashtag that’s unique to your event.

The images are then seen by, say 100 more of each of their followers, who then share the photos with their followers. This means that your event will have engaged with thousands of people, and that is just a conservative estimate.



Apart from printing images directly from Instagram, you can also display them in customized backdrops. Downloaded photos are added automatically into the slideshow and displayed on a TV, projector, or monitor. This way, your guests get the pleasure of seeing their photos displayed shortly after they have been taken. Instagram videos are also printable in the form of flip books.



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