What to Look for When Hiring Photo Booth Services

What to Look for When Hiring Photo Booth Services

It is lovely having memories of a special event with you for future references. This is made possible by having the best photo booth during your special event whether it’s a wedding, company party, seasonal party, trade show, birthday party or a corporate event. Here are some of the factors consideration when hiring a photo booth service:


Normally, photo booths rental price ranges from $499 – $1,299 per event. For quality services which help make memories last to the host and guests, investing in the right photo booth service is key. Photo booth companies are more professional and normally have set prices.


Mostly, photo event booths are rented out for 3-5 hours. This is dependent on the type of event you are organising and the total number of guests you are expecting. Set an appropriate timeframe to allow enough time for your guests’ photo shooting needs. Additionally,  there are extra charges if you go over your agreed time.

Logo and Branding

Although there are many companies offering rental photo booth services, not all of them offer logo and branding. Hence, if you want the guests to relate the wonderful experience they had, you should include a logo at the bottom of the photo strip. These services are only available in some companies and you should enquire if this is a necessity to the photo shooting. The companies can customise a logo for you to make the memories unforgettable.

Branding, on the other hand, entails creating logos and adding them to the exterior of your photo booth. This is important if you want to promote a certain product or express a theme of your event to the public. For companies and corporations, branding the photo booths could be a great way to draw attention to your business. However, it would incur extra costs to manufacture the logos and brand.


This is an important feature to consider before selecting a photo booth. The quality of the printer, printing speed and lighting in the booth are some aspects. They should be noted to ensure quality service. Check the pictures to ascertain that they are not grainy, washed out or even pixelated. This will ensure that guests will leave the event satisfied with the quality of pictures and services they have received.

Quality also extends to the attendants of the photo booth. They should be professional and ethical when handling guests during the whole process. Often, good language, and friendly approach is one of the key areas to ensure guest satisfaction.

Before selecting, you should have a list of the services that are required. in your event. This helps to filter out the numerous companies or individuals offering photo booth services around your area.

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