Make your Photo booth stand out with these backdrops

Make your Photo booth stand out with these backdrops

When was the last time you went to a wedding or a big event and there wasn’t a photo booth available? The answer is probably not in a long time. You have probably noticed that they don’t all look the same. Although the service might be the same, the photo booth decorations are all different. This is because people want their photo booths to stand out from other photo booths. In order to do this, they either have customised backdrops and props or they have a unique photo template that they use. Custom backdrops are usually done in print form. However, we find that making a backdrop is much more valuable and adds a better effect to the pictures.


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Balloons are a great idea for backdrops as they add colour and dimension to your pictures. They are also extremely easy to do. All you have to do is to blow up some balloons, attach various lengths of string to them and tie them to a weighted pole. This makes the backdrop portable as well. You will probably want to have some balloons on standby as this is probably the most fragile backdrop ever.


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Floral backdrops are ideal for weddings or birthday parties for girls. Having flowers surround you gives the garden effect for your pictures. Fresh flowers are always the most ideal if you can afford it. Fake flowers are an affordable alternative. However, these 2 are often fragile as well. Paper folded into flower shapes are probably your best bet. They are inexpensive and not as fragile. On the off chance that they do get ruined, a new one can be made just as quickly.


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Streamers bring colours to life in your pictures. They can be done in either the same shade of colour or with different colourways. Guests can also interact with the backdrop by wrapping themselves with the streamers or holding onto the streamers. If any of your streamers drop or get torn, it can be easily replaced as they are rather inexpensive.

There are so many ways to make your backdrop special. Contact us today to discuss how you can make your photo booth backdrop unique.

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