Nature Photography

Nature Photography

Nature photography is a vast genre which includes landscapes, wildlife and anything found in the natural environment.Many photographs of nature provide pictures which can educate mankind.They show the true beauty of nature which are often not seen by people who do not normally travel or explore.

Works of nature photography is often sought after by media houses which showcase different types of the said photography such as landscape, underwater, seascape and cloudscape. Landscape photography highlights the natural beauty of any place. Wildlife photography requires patiently waiting for hours in the wilderness to capture some of the most amazing shots of wild creatures against their natural backdrop. Underwater photography explores a whole new world beneath the deep blue seas. It’s a field that requires additional skills like swimming and scuba diving, to capture the hidden treasures of the oceans. Cloudscapephotography focuses on various cloud formations. Black and white photography can be creatively used for this branch of photography. Other types of nature photography include celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and stars and macro photography of insects.

The main goal of nature photography is to photograph the subject without disrupting its natural habitat. Photographer should not cause any damages to the niche just by attempting to shoot his subject. The end result should be an accurate presentation of the animal, plant or landscape’s natural state.

Nature photography in Singapore is an art form which promotes conservation. These photos should showcase the splendour of the world surrounding us by using different techniques. It is like creating a wonderful painting using your knowledge with lighting, shading and focus. Nature photography helps us capture in a still image some of the world’s most fascinating events — a bird in mid-flight, a cattle giving birth, a mother bear nursing her cub, and a fish hiding in the corals. These pictures are shot to bring out emotional response from viewers in terms of showing true beauty.

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