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All you need to know about your wedding photo booth

All you need to know about your wedding photo booth

Weddings are one of the most significant events in our lives. And the best way to capture important

memories of this day is through photos. Using a wedding photo booth can go a long way towards

accomplishing this task. Since it normally involves large groups of people coming together for a photo, the

activity never fails to entertain. Once you return from your honeymoon, you can browse through the photo

book and absorb the memories. That said, there are a few things you may want to consider before choosing

a photo booth service. Here is all you need to know about your wedding photo booth.



#1. Equipment should be top notch


When it comes to photo booths, proper lighting is usually more important than the size of your camera’s

mega-pixel. This is because most photo booths are designed to utilize squeezed spaces and a limited depth

of field. Therefore, enquire whether the photo booth company can provide professional lab quality photos,

and how fast their printing process is. You don’t want to end up with sub-standard print quality images,

which are likely to smear or fade quickly.



#2. Wedding photo booths are not created equally


You and your guests will use and remember the wedding photo booth for many years to come. Ensure that

your memories of this experience are good ones, including the booth quality, photo quality, attendant, and

customized backdrops. Does the actual booth reflect the one that was advertised to you? Is it made of

professional, high quality materials? More importantly, is it compatible with your event?



#3. You can create an instant online photo gallery


As soon as you take the last photo, the photo booth company should be able to upload every shot from the

booth onto a designated Gallery Page for your wedding. You can then view, share, or download the photos

on that same day.



#4. The photo booth company should be insured


A reliable company should be registered as a business entity with the necessary state. Find out whether

they have sufficient General Liability Insurance Policy and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The company

should also have actual contracts for their events and secure payment processing. If something happens at

the wedding, neither you nor the venue should be held liable. The company will take responsibility.



#5. The staff is an important part of the experience


The two most important qualities of a photo booth operator are fun and professionalism. Both of these

characteristics will go a long way towards making your wedding photo booth experience memorable. The

staff should be punctual, on point, and act respectfully towards your guests and other vendors. They should

be dressed in wedding-appropriate attire and ensure that the photo booth area is neat throughout the time.

They should also have a sense of fun, helping guests, suggesting props, and generally keeping the party in

the photo booth going! The ability to maintain a balance between fun and professionalism will also come in

handy. They should avoid drinking or carousing with the guests, and just try to be jovial during the event.