Photobooth concepts for your event

Photobooth concepts for your event

Photobooths are highly customisable things that vary from event to event. Not all events will look good with a generic Photobooth. Backdrops, props and even photo borders can be customised according to the event. However, with more freedom comes more complications. Most people don’t really have a specific concept when it comes to designing their photobooths.

Let’s look at some Photobooth concepts that you can use for your next event.

The plain and the simple

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The most basic Photobooth design is the plain and the simple. This means that you just use a basic solid colour for your backdrop and add in a small description of the event in every picture that is subtle but still visible. This is a great option because it makes the people in the picture the main attention. Guests are required to stand closer to one another and be as close to the camera as possible. This removes the ability to take a full body shot because a full body shot will have too much space between the people in the picture. This forces your guests to come in relatively big groups to fully maximise the space in the picture. Can you imagine if you took a picture alone with a solid coloured backdrop? Yes, that would be your passport picture.

The Social media

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We live in an age where social media is everything. If it wasn’t on social media did it even really happen? Use an Instagram inspired photo template to bring your Instagram to real life. These photos are great for social savvy people and the information in the template can be edited to add in your own hashtags. This will remind your guests to use the hashtag when they post your picture. If you have a unique hashtag for your business, this Photobooth can help to promote the hashtag in the event. This is especially useful for new product launches.


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Balloons serve as great backdrops because they add a level of sophistication and fun to the picture, depending on the colour of the balloons. Guests can also interact with the backdrop by playing with the balloons but of course, this means that that opens up the possibility of a balloon popping. Balloon backdrops are great for weddings and birthday parties where the atmosphere is more intimate.

Everybody knows that photobooths are great for any event. However, with the many customisable options available, it could get quite confusing for event planners. Contact us today to find out what other concepts we can offer you for your event!

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