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Why are photobooths still popular?

Why are photobooths still popular?

Everybody carries a camera around in the form of a smartphone. Smartphone developers identified that people love taking pictures, so they have pushed the boundaries of smartphone cameras over the years. These days, some smartphone cameras can do almost as well as a professional camera. Photo booths used to only exist in shopping malls and driving schools so that people could take passport sized pictures. However, over the years, photo booths have popped up in weddings, birthdays and corporate events and are usually the stars of these functions. This doesn’t even make sense considering everyone is holding on to a camera that can take pictures anywhere.

So why are photo booths so popular?


Photo booths provide a sense of intimacy for people. It forces people to be together in a confined area and take a picture. Taking a photo is a highly social activity which means you can get different groups of people to come together to take a picture. There aren’t very many activities that can provide this opportunity to unleash your creativity and have fun. Creative props and interactive backdrops also help participants to take better pictures


You would think that the idea of hardcopy pictures would have lost its appeal with the introduction of social media. Softcopy pictures are great because you can put them in the cloud, accessible from anyone with a smartphone and internet access. However, hardcopy pictures are still in demand now because they can be used to specific events. Some weddings have a wall decorated with hardcopy pictures of the bride and the groom. Hardcopy pictures are still used to decorate areas in a house.

This might be because of the ease of view. When you upload a picture onto Instagram or Facebook, the picture is archived, and you would need to scroll through all your pictures in order to find a specific picture you want to see. Hardcopy pictures placed on a wall removes this hassle. Anytime you want to see a picture to be reminded of a specific time in your life, you can simply do so at the wall. This is also why polaroid pictures have become popular of late.

Social media integration

Photo booths now can be integrated with social media such as Instagram. Selfiebox has a service called instaprint. Most events now come with a hashtag because they want guests to post pictures on social media and use the hashtag so that they can relive the event. With instaprint, guests can then print the pictures that they have posted using the hashtag. The booth has a system that can recognise hashtags and as long as a unique hashtag is chosen, it will be very easy to print out pictures of the event.

Photo booths are great all-around fun and should be considered for any event. Contact us now to make a booking for your next event!