Playing with Themes: Be More Creative in Your Photo shoots

Playing with Themes: Be More Creative in Your Photo shoots

Coming up with a fresh new idea for your next corporate photography? theme is pretty hard especially if almost all the good themes have already been done. With a little help from your trusted props and skill, you might just whip up new and exciting photos from these themes:

Water is always a great idea for spring or summer, but fine for anytime as well. Dress up your models in a navy blue and white dress; add a little bit of sailor hats and other nautical -themed accents like ropes, floaters, and anchors and you’re good to go. Of course, having the photoshoot by the sea is a plus.

If calm, laid-back and easy is the mood you’re looking for then Boheme is the theme you want. Outdoors is a good location for this kind of photoshoot, the earthier the better. With loose fitting dresses, long skirts with button-down shirts matched with fun and casual accessories, your models are good to go. For added accents, braid the hair or mess it up a bit to complete that Bohemian look.

There are so many movies or TV shows to choose from! From vintage to sci-fi movies, your photoshoot can go in any direction. You can get ideas from your favourite movies or shows, copy the setting, make some props and improvise the costumes. This will work best with much-loved, old classic movies or new popular television shows.

Playing Games
Whether its sports or just horsing around, action-filled photoshoots are always fun to do. Many photographers have already pulled off beautiful yet unique photos by letting the models do their own actions while playing. No photo is the same as the next one.

The Future
People like to assume what the future would look like in about 50 years or so as seen on some music videos and many photos. Bright metalliccolours, space suits and even alien-related props are used to portray “the future” themed shoot. You can also use your favourite sci-fi movie as guide on what the future would look like in your studio.

Choosing your theme for a photoshoot is imperative if you want to achieve a photoshoot as perfectly as possible, but these sample themes and tips can help you think of creative ways to do them. With the right focus and skills, your photo shoot will go smoothly as planned. There are limitless options for themes to choose from, you just have to let your mind wander and be creative.

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