Selfiebox – Singapore Leading Photo Booth Company

Selfiebox – Singapore Leading Photo Booth Company

Selfiebox Photo Booth is the latest, greatest entertainment for events of every kind. An event planner can rent a photo booth from Selfiebox that will offer a unique experience for the guests at the event, allowing them to interact and connect with one another for picture taking fun.

Photo Booths are economical and allow your guests bring home unlimited photos from your event. They can be cropped and edited before printing and are quality grade photos that can be put into albums or shared on social media.

The Photo Booth from Selfiebox is entirely unique in that the theme of your event is planned around. Custom props are brought along with the booth for the guests to use and interact with during the photo taking. The props are included in the price of the rental. If the prop inventory does not have what you are looking for, Selfiebox will custom create props especially for you and your event. This creates an atmosphere of fun like no camera could provide. After the event is over, there is no need to waste time photo-shopping pictures. It is already completed.

Selfiebox’s Photo Booth also custom prints backgrounds that fit in with the theme of the event, creating an intimate experience for the host. This experience will be remembered long after the event is over and guests have gone back to their homes. Photographs are the perfect way to relive the event.

Couples who are planning the photography of their wedding find that the cost savings from using a Photo Booth from Selfiebox can’t be matched by using a professional photographer. A prospective bride and groom often must sit down with the photographer before the wedding and in accordance with their budget, cut out the stages of the wedding that normally can’t fit into the budget. This leaves the married couple with large gaps in their photo experience from their biggest day together. Not so with the Photo Booth experience. The entire event from the guests arriving, to the ceremonial cake cutting, to the ‘I do-s’, all the way to the end of the event when the guests are beginning to leave, all can be captured without gaps. Selfiebox is invested in the satisfaction of their clients and wants them to be able to keep every moment immortalized in pictures.

There will be a professional technician to assist with the Photo Booth experience, so that your event will come off flawlessly. The technician is trained to optimize your photos and help out with anything you might not understand.

Many other copycat Photo Booth companies are coming out with similar concepts to what Selfiebox is offering, but to experience the original Photo Booth concept, Selfiebox is the one and only company that offers all of the exclusive options available when renting a booth. They are committed to excellent customer service and desire to offer the kind of event experience that will result in repeat business. For affordable entertainment and convenience of use, the Selfiebox Photo Booth services simply can’t be beat.

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