As of today, Instagram is the most popular app used by Singaporeans to post photos. Here at selfiebox, there is no better way to connect the guests than the utilisation of Instagram hashtags!


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Here’s how it works

Step 1: You can utilise the backdrops and props provided and strike quirky poses to be captured using your own smartphones.

Step 2: Upload your photos to Instagram (make sure your profile is set to public) and hashtag your photos using the unique #hashtag determined at the event!

Step 3: Select your favourite shots from the touchscreen device and print them out right there and then with HD quality (It only takes a few seconds!)

You are now able to post real-time updates of the event through your Instagram accounts and walk away with high-quality instant pictures! Thereby, bringing you the next big innovation of targeted branding using hashtags and high social media exposure, without compromising on the element of fun!