Should I Get a Photo Booth For My Wedding?

Should I Get a Photo Booth For My Wedding?

Any couple who asks if they should rent a photo booth for their wedding can best be answered in one word- yes. And not just with a yes, but a resounding yes. The benefits to renting a photo booth are numerous. A couple who is preparing for the real costs of the wedding knows that hiring a photographer or videotographer is one of the most expensive costs written into the bottom line of the wedding. Often, after consulting with a photographer, couples are left to pick and choose which parts of the wedding they can afford to have photographed, leaving out pieces of the event that they cannot afford. It is a difficult task to manage, trying to figure out which portions of their greatest day together can be left out.

Photo Booth rental eliminates this problem entirely, as you and your guests have unlimited access to the Photo Booth for the entire event, and the number of pictures that can be taken are unlimited. The bride and groom can now have as many photos taken as they want, capturing any and every stage of the wedding that they feel like immortalizing.

Some of the other benefits that come with renting a Photo Booth are:

– Unique connection and interaction between guests and hosts that would not otherwise be possible, through the fun and exciting venue of the Photo Booth.

– Many Photo Booths come with custom props for guests to use during photos to add an element of fun to the picture taking process. Props are generally added into the total cost of the booth, without additional charges.

– Eliminates the long process of photo-shopping and cropping pictures after the event is over. Photos taken with the Photo Booth are entirely customizable and can be cropped and edited or thrown away.

– Many Photo Booths are connected to social media sites like Facebook for instant access to sharing photos from the wedding.

– No more blank-faced guests posing for traditional pictures grouped together to say ‘Cheese’.

– The wedding couple will save money with the choice of using a Photo Booth instead of a professional photographer, without sacrificing the quality or number of pictures that they will be able to keep.

Most Wedding Photo Booth rentals come with a technician to stand by during your event to assist with any issues or questions, and to help with organization of the photo-taking process, so that the couple will not have to deal with any problems. The technician will keep the photo portion of the event running flawlessly so that it will be one less thing for the bride and groom to worry about. Photo Booth technicians are trained to provide professional service for any occasion and any event, but they really shine during a wedding event in that they can help the guests and hosts to create memorable photos that are tastefully done.

With all of the benefits available to the Photo Booth renter, more and more couples are turning to this unique service and trusting their special day to the competent hands of new technology.

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