Stopping Time: Why Taking Photos is a Gift Unlike Any Other

Stopping Time: Why Taking Photos is a Gift Unlike Any Other

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Whether it is a simple family, couple or portrait photography, taking pictures has been around for many years. People do it for a variety of reasons but the foremost is to document or create memoirs of some of life’s best and beautiful moments. As for those who are not so much into it, there are several reasons why you may want to do photography.

  1. It catalogues emotions and feelings unlike any other. -Moments are fleeting. You may not be able to take in as much when the event passes so taking photographs can allow you to relive as much of the occasion. Photographs are subjective but what they capture allow people to look back at certain moments and reflect more on them than is permitted most of the time. Waves will not crash over the shore in the same way or children will not around the playground forever. These moments are best captured and relived through photographs.
  2. See things in a different way. -The first time people meet or celebrate can be too much for a person to process or remember. Through pictures, people can check out the people they met and the fun they had closer. There is a difference between seeing and looking. Photographs can make a difference on how people appreciate things and those in their life.
  3. To tell a story -there is no better way than to cut the chase than to through pictures. You can easily relay a message or story with just a picture. It is both convenient and sentimental.

Photos are excellent on helping you document important occasions and moments. Even just a simple group picture can mean a lot to you in the years to come.

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