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How to take fun photo booth pictures

How to take fun photo booth pictures

We all know by now that a photo booth is a great addition to any party. But if you have ever been to a party with a photo booth or if you do a Google search for photo booth poses, you’ll find a few standard poses. Either everyone is standing in a single line with arms over each other or they are holding props and smiling right at the camera. A Photobooth is meant to unleash the creative demon hidden deep within. But we understand it is not easy to do this, especially for the conservative individual. So here are some tips and tricks that you can use for your next Photobooth event.

Tell a story

We’ve all heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. As cliché as it may seem, we believe that you can use a picture to tell entertaining stories. Every group of friends has that one person that isn’t too bright and makes you wonder why you are friends with them. Put them in the middle and pretend to hit them with props provided. Or, you could all stand in formation and pretend you are going down a roller coaster. The best pictures are impromptu pictures so just do the things you want to and your photographer will handle the rest for you.

Similar clothing/colour

At almost every formal event, you are bound to find someone who is wearing almost the same thing as you. Bring this person to the Photo booth and point out the fact that you are wearing the same thing, or you could pretend to be mad at each other for wearing the same thing. If you are a group of guys wearing ties, you could all pretend to be hanging from your ties.


If your photo booth prints out photo strips of 3 pictures together, you can use it to take a picture with actions. Bring your significant other and go in for a kiss at a weird angle. Friends can also get creative with this pose by going in for the kiss on the first 2 pictures and then doing something funny like giving each other a high 5 instead. Similar to a gif photo booth, this will come out very nicely.

Being put on the spot makes it very hard for your photo booth participants to think of different poses to do. You could provide your guests with some custom props and a backdrop for them to interact with. Read our article here to find out how to make custom props and backdrops that is sure to engage your audience.